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Parcells press conference 9/14/06

The Redskins have a better receiving group this year, more pressure on the perimeter. I expect Duckett to show up some in this game, they have more depth in the backfield then they used to.

Decide on Vandy after tomorrow. Both kicked about the same today, I'm not going to go into how many they made. I want to talk to the coaches about two kickers, I don't want to take two, but we might. Probably have to go short in the offensive backfield or the linebacker position. Both cases would take a good special team player out of the mix. If yo go with a back (Thompson) you alter your kickoff return. If we take two kickers, its beacuse we might save ourselves some field positon on kickoffs.

Flozell? We practiced hard today, so hopefully that will help him get ready to go. He made definite progress as a player since I've had him, his conditioning and work habits are much improved. When you only play 25 games in preseason, that's not a lot, I'm hoping he rounds into shape. I've had no motivation problems with Flozell. Maybe he was that way when he was young, but he's at the workout programs at 6 AM all summer.

You gotta cover the kicks, won't kick away from Randle El.

Not sure if Rector will return punts. Depending on the kickers I take, I might have to use someone else.

The Redskins are using the Buddy Ryan system on defense with parts of the 3-4 mixed in.

You like receivers who can run after the catch, but it doesn't have much affect on anything else. It doesn't affect the offensive line or protection schemes. We already run some quick passes, but it doesn't change play calling. I don't like to call too many stationary routes. Wouldn't run the hitch on 3rd and 8. Not much different from last year.

Cooley is their primary TE. They're using him more in the 2-TE as the move guy, more like Fasano for us. They use Faurier as the base TE. They want to use 1-TE, 3 WR in passing or 2 TE, 2 WR or 3 TE, 1 WR in their running set. They call Sellers a FB but they really use him as a TE.

Archuleta a good in the box aggressive tackler. Both he and Taylor are good physical players from the safety position, they'll disrupt you.

I challenge our CB's to respond this week. Moss led the league in yards last year I think, I'd think you'd want to respond to that. You need to study the films and learn all you can about the receiver.

The team tried very hard in practice. Yesterday the effort was good, but we had some mistakes. Today we had fewer mistakes so that was good.

The rest of the press conference was Parcells musing about coaching in the NFL, divisional games, Joe Gibbs; it started to feel like a Parcells Philosphy lecture on the NFL.