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Cowboys article roundup

Peter King still loves the Cowboys. Here's his prediction for Sunday:

Washington (0-1) at Dallas (0-1)
Drew Bledsoe fends off Tony Romo for at least another 10 minutes. Three touchdown passes to Terrell Owens does that to a guy.
Dallas 30, Washington 13

I think he's close. On the new DCFanatic radio show that will be up tomorrow, I predicted a 27-17 Dallas win. And I'm going with only 2 Terrell TD's.

Mickey Spags turned in one of his better efforts today. Give it a read.
I was surprised to see this stat about Parcells starting a year 0-2.

That's right, six times a Parcells-coached team has gotten off to 0-2 starts - 1987 Giants, 1993 Patriots, 1994 Patriots, 1996 Patriots, 1998 Jets, 1999 Jets. Strange thing is, only two of those teams ended up with losing records - the 1993 Patriots, who turned an 0-4 start into 1-10 before finishing 5-11 and the 1987 Giants, who turned an 0-2 start that strike-shortened season into 0-5 by losing all three "replacement-player" games before finishing 6-9.

Wow, that's pretty good. Parcells wisdom nugget alert:

"There are only ramifications if you don't recover from them," Parcells said of those damning 0-2 starts, "and then you become part of that luminous number of teams that would be unable to recover from an 0-2 start."

There are only ramifications if you don't recover from them. Seriously, Parcells should start a Parcells' Fortune Cookies company. The fortune cookies would be shaped like little footballs and they would all have Parcells' wisdom nuggets inside. I smell cash, I'm sending him a letter, and asking for 50%.

Back to the real-world, Nick Eatman turns in another quality piece of journalism.

From the moment he signed with the Cowboys back in March, he's been criticized for just about everything he's done.

Like not practicing for nearly two weeks, or not playing in the first three preseason games.

Even for trivial matters, like being the last one out of the locker room at practice or trying to have some fun by wearing a cycling jersey and helmet while riding a stationary bike.

No matter what, Terrell Owens has been ripped up and down by just about anyone outside the organization.

But was he our best player last Sunday? You bet. I haven't changed; I still think someday, someway, something will happen. But nothing that has happened so far is even remotely troubling. So until that day, I'm going to enjoy his work on the field.

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