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T.O. is making me nervous

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Now this is making me a little nervous. Terrell Owens is thinking about how to celebrate touchdowns on Sunday.

Owens is pressed because he promised Cowboys fans that he will give them a show.

But because of new NFL rules that prohibit the use of props and the possibility that he's already done the best ones, Owens said he has no idea what he's going to do.

Owens has no plans of using anything he saw from Emmitt Smith on Dancing with the Stars. He talked to Cincinnati receiver Chad Johnson, who called him Wednesday, and said he might consult with former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders.

"Even Chad is kind of struggling right now with his celebrations," Owens said. "...I don't know what I am going to do. I am just going to wing it and try to have fun."

Just what we don't need, Owens consulting with Chad Johnson and Deion Sanders. I admit, I'm an old fogey who would rather see a player jump up and down for a second or two, spike the ball or something simple, then get off the field. Alas, the new NFL doesn't work that way. But if Owens does something that draws a penalty, then Mt. Parcells just might blow.

Last week, Owens didn't celebrate his TD and I was hoping that was a sign of things to come. But it turns out he didn't celebrate because they were still losing and celebrating at that point would've been bad timing. I guess I should be happy that he figured that much out. Want to be even more nervous?

Considering his notoriety began with a controversial celebration at the midfield blue star at Texas Stadium in 2001 when he played for San Francisco, Owens said it wouldn't be out of the question for him to involve the star again. But he would seek permission first.

"I'm not sure," Owens said. "I've got to talk to Jerry [Jones] about that."

Hey Terrell, don't check with Jerry, check with Bill and do us all a favor.

Sources are saying that Vanderjagt will kick, at least the FG's, in Sundays game.

Expect Mike Vanderjagt to kick Sunday.
Vanderjagt, who was inactive for the season opener, has been kicking with the first team in drills during practice, and might even kick off, an NFL source said.

"It's a weight off his shoulders," the source said. "He's very confident and in a good frame of mind. It's been a lot of stress on him as well. But he's got to come through now, and he will."

An NFL source? That means it wasn't someone from the Cowboys organization or it would've noted that specifically. So what NFL source would have intimate knowledge of the Cowboys kicking situation? The way the quote is phrased, bet on Vandy's agent as the source.