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Parcells press conference 9/15/06

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Everybody practiced today.

Decision to use Fabini as the the 3rd tackle? He's got more experience and he can play both sides but I want to try and get McQ and Procter in the mix, we practiced them this week and all of that will be part of the personnel decisions this week. There are about 6 or 7 positions that could be affected.

Fabini has been 100% since April. He has picked up his game to my satisfaction.

McQ didn't get any reps at RT in practice, I don't want to move him right now, he's got enough on his plate at LT.

I don't like having competition at kicker, I wish it was just one guy and everything was set to go.

I anticipate Portis playing this week, he played Monday night so I think he'll play. The Redskins runs with Portis look similar to what they did in KC (under Al Saunders). The Redskins traditionally have been run between the tackles, 1 back and multiple TE's. And the longer yard passing attack has been 3 WR. The KC style is more a free-wheeling style, Joe Gibbs has been more power running and then beat you deep. Free-wheeling means there will be less uniformity to the offense. Gibbs used to say this is what we are going to do and if you stop us you'll win, if not we will. Similar to the Vince Lombardi theory. The Coryell influence is more of a out-score you style.

They won't change on defense beacuse of their CB's. They'll still do (blitz) what they do. They didn't blitz an inordinate amount agaisnt Minn. But Brad Johnson is good agaisnt the blitz, he'll get the ball out quick. They might look at Bledsoe a little differently.