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Saturday reading material

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The new DC Fanatic radio broadcast for this week is up, it's a pre-game show for the Redskins game. I've set it up to auto-play when you open this diary, once it buffers you should start hearing the broadcast, so adjust your sound/speakers accordingly. In this show I talk about the offensive line, the Dallas run and passing game, plus a lot more.

Rob Phillips talks about Bobby Carpenter and the possibility of him playing this week.

Nick Eatman gives his views on the kicking quandary.

The Washington Post has an article about Skins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his thoughts on blitzing Drew Bledsoe.

Washington Redskins assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams cautioned against judging Dallas quarterback Drew Bledsoe's vulnerability to the blitz only by Washington's 35-7 rout of the Cowboys last Dec. 18.


"I have a lot of respect for Drew. I have been through a lot of games with him and against him. If you are not playing exact technique he has the ability to stick that ball in there," Williams said.

The Cowboys fans were complaining about the CB's play last week, especially Anthony Hnery. The Redskins fans can relate; Carlos Rogers is the target of their ire.

For the last three days, starting cornerback Carlos Rogers has been challenged to recover from what has been universally accepted by his peers as a bad game. From his position coach Jerry Gray to assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams to his teammate Shawn Springs, the sentiment was the same: Only by shutting down the best receivers will Rogers earn respect.

New defensive end Andre Carter is also getting an earful.

Carter, at 6 feet 4 and 265 pounds, did not seem to win many outright battles, either by beating the 6-8, 335-pound McKinnie cleanly to reach Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson or by forcing him into committing penalties. On Monday, the pit fight appeared to belong to McKinnie. Fifteen times Carter and McKinnie dueled in single coverage pass plays, and Carter was unable to get to Johnson, who frustrated both Carter and left defensive end Phillip Daniels by throwing the ball quickly.

Here's a take on Bill Parcells from the Redskins camp. The opinion is that Parcells hasn't changed too much over the years. And his very short post-game press conference was typical Tuna.

How was Terrell Owens?

He gave the Cowboys a chance to do things.

How was quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who had three interceptions?

He'll have to watch the film. Next!

"Penalties were a problem for your team last year" started a question.

Parcells glared. Penalties? The Cowboys were one of the least-penalized teams in the league last season. The coach was fuming now.

"Get your information right," he snapped.