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College football craziness

Did you guys just see the ending to the Oregon-Oklahoma game? That was nuts. Oklahoma got screwed on the onside kick call, that Oregon player touched the ball before 10 yards. Then they got the pass inteference call against them when that ball was obviously tipped. I saw it on the original play, I didn't even need the replay. So Oregon scores to go ahead by a point, then squib kicks, which is almost always a bad idea unless there's under 20 seconds left. Oklahoma runs it all the way back into FG range, but long FG range, so the obvious thing to do with 25 seconds left or so is to get closer than a 45 yard FG. Take a shot along the sideline or throw it over 10 yards in the middle, stop the clock with a first down, and spike it. What does Stoops do, run the ball for no gain. What? The FG is 44 yards, so the kicker has to use a low trajectory to get it there and it gets blocked. Oklahoma loses by a point.

Still, they should never have been in that position because that onside kick call was highway robbery.

In other games, Notre Dame got drilled by Michigan and turned the ball over 5 times. Brady Quinn Heisman? Not so much. LSU is another team that got robbed, the refs called a pass interference near the goal line near the end of the game, then waived it off because of a tipped ball. But the interference contact was obviously before the tipped ball. Bad refereeing at key times today.

Oh yeah, Georgia Tech won 35-20 over Troy. Woo hoo.