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Joe Gibbs says Clinton Portis isn't going to play Sunday.

Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs ruled Clinton Portis out for the game against the Dallas Cowboys, an announcement that surprised Portis and created yet another bizarre twist in the running back's injury saga.

"He didn't practice today. ... If a guy doesn't practice, he's not going to play," Gibbs said.

Where have I heard that before? Sounds like our very own Tuna. But I'm not buying it. Gibbs is a sneaky one.
When told what Gibbs had said, Portis was taken back.

"I didn't know the decision had been made," Portis said. "I thought it was a game-time decision. As of now, my bag's packed and ready to go to Dallas, unless they come and tap me on the shoulder in the near future and tell me I ain't going."

We'll see whether Portis is in Dallas and whether he plays or not.

Last week it was the attack of the 50-foot receivers. This week, the Smurfs take over.

But they pose a different type of problem for the Cowboys' secondary because their speed and run-after-catch ability give them big-play potential every time the ball is in their hands. Santana Moss is the key.

You remember him? He scored two touchdowns in the final three minutes last season, lifting the Redskins to a 14-13 win over the Cowboys in Week 2 and ending a run in which Dallas won 14 of 15 against Washington.

Uh, yeah. I think we remember that JJT. But at least our CB's know that they need to perform better.
The standard is high for Henry and Newman, who is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the top cornerbacks in the league.

"I ain't beating myself up over last week," Henry said. "There were key situations in the game where we needed to make a play and we didn't come up with them. That's our responsibility. That's our job."

"He's [Moss] one of the best receivers in the league," Newman said. "I voted for him for the Pro Bowl, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. It's going to be fun."

Dang, Newman voted for a Deadskin. He should've kept that to himself.

Just how nutty can our kicker situation get?

But apparently whatever the choice is for Sunday, Parcells is not completely comfortable with what has taken place here the first two weeks of the season. The Cowboys for a second time took a look at Carlos Martinez, the Dallas Desperados kicker who worked out for them following Friday's practice out here at Valley Ranch.

Martinez, a left-footed kicker, first worked out for the Cowboys just prior to the start of training camp. He eventually was signed by Atlanta, where former Cowboys kicking coach Steve Hoffman is now the assistant special teams coach. Martinez spent a week with the Falcons, and actually kicked well while he was there before getting released.

Who's next? Jose Cortez?