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Storylines from the Redskins game

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The storylines of the game:

1. Terrell Owens breaks finger:

"I did it like around the first or second play of the game. I just stuck in there. I didn't tell the guys until late, when I walked off the field.

"We've got some guys who can step in. It came at a good time. Obviously, we have a bye week coming up [this Sunday], so I've got at least two weeks for it to heal."

Owens caught three passes for 19 yards with a long of 12. He also dropped four passes and had a 15-yard penalty for an illegal block.

Still, Owens had an effect on the game, with the Redskins committing two defenders to him on almost every play. It opened up the other side of the field for Terry Glenn, who caught six passes for 94 yards and a touchdown, and the middle of the field for tight ends Anthony Fasano and Jason Witten, who combined for seven catches for 84 yards.

I couldn't agree more. Owens' presence on the field opened things up for our other receivers. I guess the reason he was dropping passes was because he had a broken finger, but at least tell someone Terrell. We could've used you as a decoy and Bledsoe would've known not to throw it your way. We are going to miss his ability to draw defenders, and for the first time ever I'm going to say: Thanks NFL for giving us the bye week so early. Now quit talking T.O. and get in the hyperbaric chamber.

2. Penalties and special teams play makes Parcells sick:

The Cowboys weren't perfect -- they committed nine penalties for 90 yards and allowed a 100-yard kickoff return to Rock Cartwright.

"I just want my team to play better," Parcells said. "It's hard on me. I'm telling you, it really is. I feel ill right now."

Classic case of Parcells. When we win, he's always mad about something. But in this case he's right. The amount of penalties we're racking up is going to come back and haunt us soon. Somehow, the Cowboys have to get this under control. I hate the 100-yard kick return, but I won't worry about it too much unless our kick coverage starts giving up big returns on a regular basis.

3. Mike Vanderjagt rights his ship.

The Cowboys kicker clearly was unhappy with the way his situation was handled over the past two weeks, but on Sunday night he did his best to answer any question about whether he's still good at his job.

One week after being a healthy scratch, Vanderjagt was activated and came through with field goals of 26 and 50 yards in the Cowboys' 27-10 victory over the Redskins on Sunday night.

That 50 yarder was the shiznit. It made me feel a whole lot better about our multi-million dollar kicker. Now we just need to see consistency over the next few games. I'm still not liking the idea of having to carry two kickers on the active roster, but I knew this was coming the minute we signed Vandy.

4. The big boys up front give Bledsoe time:

Dallas' offensive line was much better at protecting quarterback Drew Bledsoe. He was sacked only once.

Given more time to pass, Bledsoe threw for 237 yards and two touchdowns. And after getting intercepted three times in the opener, he had zero Sunday.

The Cowboys offensive line was outstanding. Bledsoe had all day to survey the field and pick out his targets. When given a clean pocket, this is what Bledsoe is capable of. Not only did Bledsoe benefit, but so did Julius Jones, who ended up with a 4.7 rushing average on 20 carries. I'll take that every Sunday.

5. Cowboys receivers have stone hands:

Unofficially, Cowboys receivers dropped nine passes Sunday. Wide receiver Terrell Owens had three, and Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten had two.

Maybe Owens had a broken finger for some of his drops, but the first half was a nightmare. When sure-handed Jason Witten drops two balls, I suspected the Redskins had put a voodoo curse on us. I'm writing this off as a one week thing (unless it happens again against Tennessee).

6. Dallas finally gets pressure on the QB:

Brunell was sacked six times. More than two-thirds of his 197 passing yards came in the fourth quarter when the outcome was already decided. With a chance to tie the score late in the third quarter, he forced a throw into double-coverage that was intercepted on the 1-yard line.

A Dallas defense smarting from last week's loss to Jacksonville had to feel better about itself Sunday. The Cowboys didn't allow the Redskins to score an offensive touchdown. The defense held Washington to 2-of-14 on third-down conversions.

6 sacks? How sweet is that? Finally, our defensive front seven performed like we thought they could. Greg Ellis is really coming into his own at the OLB position. And Jason Ferguson was outstanding last night, just like he's been all preseason and in game one.

7. The secondary recovers:

After last week's disaster, Terence Newman, Anthony Henry, Roy Williams and Pat Watkins played fantastic football. Newman blanketed Santana Moss and made him a non-factor. Henry did the same on the other side to Lloyd and Randle El. Roy had six tackles on the night and picked off a pass for the second week in a row. Watkins also had six tackles and didn't give up anything over the middle.

8. Mar McBriar:

The guy rocks.