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T.O. gives us the finger

OK, that was a misleading, controversial headline just to grab attention. But the fact is Terrell Owens broke his ring finger and will have surgery, probably tomorrow, to insert plates and pins. The DFW S-T says we've lost him for 4-6 weeks, Owens says 2-4 weeks. Normally, I would go with the 4-6 weeks, but after Owens came back from the leg injury to play in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, I'll give his prognosis some currency. After all, it was universally predicted that there was no way he could play in that Super Bowl game, but he did.

So as BTB reader Poke put it: To the Hyperbaric Chamber, Boy Wonder! Let's hope Owens' miraculous healing powers when something is broken - as opposed to strained hamstrings - comes into play over the next couple of weeks. We've got the bye week coming up, then a game at Tennesee, which he will almost certainly miss. Then comes the big one, Oct. 8th in Philly. That would be three weeks away, so we'll just have to see how it goes.

For those of you disappointed in his performance against the Redskins, I concur that he didn't have the best of games. But I would ask you to remember that even when he's not catching the ball, he makes defenses use two people to cover him, leaving Terry Glenn open to do damage. So over the next few weeks, Terry Glenn is going to get the double-coverage and Patrick Crayton will have to step up. We'll also see if Jamaica Rector and Sam Hurd can help us out. Jason Witten and Anthony Fasano will also be asked to contribute more.

I wonder if Owens has a mini-hyperbaric chamber that he can just stick his hand in, or will he have to sleep in the big chamber for one little finger?