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Parcells press conference 9/18/06

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Owens surgery today or tomorrow. No timetable until after surgery. They'll put a plate in and that will help with the time.

Didn't know he was injured for a while. Plays had been called for him before that.

Feeling less ill today. That wasn't a good set of circumstances for me last night. I made a mistake, I did something wrong for my own well-being. There was confluence of factors. I put the rain jacket on and I dehydrated myself. That's not good for me. I wouldn't take the rain jacket because we were winning, that's how warped I am.

I've broken my hand before, you don't know it's broken sometimes, you think it's something else. Once the plate goes in there's not much else you can do. I wouldn't say that's the reason for the drops, a lot of guys dropped balls.

I thought the people dropping the balls were unusual, some of our better guys dropped the ball. I don't know if it's the conditions, maybe the gloves they wear were picking up moisture. Washington had problems, too.

Nine penalties. In looking at them, 4 or 5 were aggression penalties in terms of our offensive penalties. Rivera is trying to block on the screen and Colombo is trying to get his man down on the Thompson run. It's not the false starts liek last week. (wouldn't comment on Ware's personal foul penalty)

Crayton was a little bit better. Punt returns we were OK. Newman helped us on his returns.

It was an important game, when you don't win after the first week, it's one of the most empty feelings you can have. Having a division opponent who had beat us twice last year, the importance was high, I was stressed out.

I liked our approach to the game, good plan on both sides of the ball. The defense played well, consistently. There was apoint in time when we fumbled at 17-10 when the game was in doubt. The next two sequences were key, Roy's interception then drive it 99-yards for a TD. Even though our defense played better than Washington's did, we still could've lost.

Roy's pick was on the same kind of play at last week. A wheel route, designed to take advantage of a zone defense with a second receiver in the zone. If it's man to man they try to get someone else on the safety. Roy also covered a couple of other patterns in man to man well last night. The wheel route hurt us in the Carolina game last year, that's why Redskins and Jax probably ran that play.

(On going for the TD on 4th down) I thought if the ball was at the one or inside, I would go for it, if it was at the 2 then I would kick the FG. The first play we ran was the same one as the TD. The Redskins play an unusual goal line defense which they overshift, sort of abnormal. Covers the inside guys plus gets the center.

Vandy? I was told before the game that if we were at the 32 or closer he was good to go, it was at around that (on his 50 yard FG), thought we were good to go to get a 3 score difference. Didn't want to punt it. Not set on anything yet for 2 kickers. Decided at the eleventh hour last night, had one name to de-activate. When I saw the elements the way they were, I thought this was going to be a field position game. That was the key.

Vandy didn't earn anything from me, just happy he made the kick for his own well-being. It was an important kick, 3 score kick with under 10 minutes to go. Good kick for him. You got to rely on your kicker, instead of being afraid of you kicker like I have for a few years.

Kickoff return for the TD was the consumate domino paly. 2 key players stayed inside, got walled there and knock two more guys down. Two blocks get 4 guys. Suisham almost knocked Jacques Reeves off the tackle, then Suisham missed the tackle, that was it. Hoyte not playing had nothing to do with it. It wasn't inexperienced guys. That is a fundamental principle, look down the field and see what is going on, and react to it.

I thought Drew was exceptionally well prepared for the game. Recognition was good. Only one or two errant throws. Threw 4 balls away which is good. Only gave up one sack and it was on a max protect, 2-man pattern. That's hard to do (sarcastic)

Rector's ankle not an issue. I thought Sam could do more on special teams, Hurd did a pretty good job on special teams. I do like Hurd, up and coming, smart, big, tough, he's coming along well. That play time in preseason didn't hurt him.

We can do some things with Terry (if they try to take him away w/o Owens playing), put him in motion, he's used to that, he's quick. I was happy to see Fasano make a couple of plays, gave us more balance. When Marion finally found what time the game started, he actually did some things. He was on Rocky Mountain time (laughter).

Blah, blah, blah about the bye week.

McBriar, I think he's doing an outstanding job. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone doing better.

I think the team responded well to what I asked, I put emphasis on a few things and they responded.

Owens has been working hard. He's been fitting in fine. This is not going to be an injury that will prevent running, so it's no problem with conditioning. He should be good to go once he's ready. Receiver depth is a concern without a lot of veteran depth, but the kids are starting to show a little bit.

Crayton's a slow starter, can't miss too much time. He caught the TD against double-coverage. He doesn't play Owens position so we'll see what we do.

Carpenter played OK on special teams and the nickel.

Center (Gurode) is playing well. Flozell responded well, good job.

Defense was just fair the first game. We played pretty good last night, their shifting didn't bother us, credit Mike Zimmer. They never really got into their free-wheeling attack that they can do. They do have weapons, Moss, Cooley, Portis when healthy, Rnadle El is a good specialty player.

We got more pass rush last night than we've had around here.

I want to use MB3 and Tyson some. I left Julius in too long last night.

Ware put good pressure on, Ellis also did a good job rushing. I got to get Canty going in the pass rush, good on run defense, but we need more in pass rush, he has the talent to do it.

Defense only gave up 3 points, that's pretty good. Tough to do in the NFL, you have to acknowledge those kind of things.  

(Wouldn't comment directly on Pete Prisco saying Roy is the most overrated player in the league) Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Roy is doing a pretty good job for us. I think other teams want to know where he is on the field.

We had 88 offensive yards negated by 60 yards in penalties, that's 148 yards, that's around 10 points.