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The NFC East after two weeks

Coming into the season everybody was classifying the NFC East as one of - if not the - power conference in the NFL. So after two weeks, what have we learned? Not too much. A four team race for the NFC East crown seems to have narrowed to three, although it's really too early to throw the Redskins under the bus. But they lost a home game to start the season, lost a divisional game on the road, and their offense doesn't look ready for prime-time. That could change when Clinton Portis gets back, but from my view, they have a lot of work to do.

Up until the 4th quarter on Sunday, it looked like the Philadelphia Eagles were the resurgent power in the division, then it all fell apart. Not only did they blow a huge lead - at home - to a division opponent, but they lost DE Jevon Kearse for the season. Talk about a double whammy. You just can't give away division games like that at home, ask the Dallas Cowboys from last year.

The New York Giants look to be as good as advertised. They were saddled with a home loss in week one, but there's no shame in losing to the Indianapolis Colts. The Giants gave them a good game and Eli Manning's performance against the Eagles should boost his confidence for the rest of the season. The Giants now have that belief that they're never out of a game. Still, you never want to lose one at home like they did in the first week.

Then we have your Dallas Cowboys, who exited Jacksonville after week one with some serious questions. The win against the Redskins on Sunday should help to answer some, like the offensive line's ability to turn in a good game. Spotty play against the Jags by the line led to spotty play by Drew Bledsoe against the Jags. But given a clean pocket against the Redskins, Bledsoe turned in a very good game. The bonus was a divisional win.

Dallas and New York have done the least self-inflicted damage in this young season. Dallas lost on the road, against an AFC opponent, which is the best scenario if you're going to drop a game. New York lost against an AFC opponent, but they did it at home and you never want to lose at home. But they do have a road win within the division under their belt. Dallas' division win came at home. The Eagles dropped a home game within the division, which is a big no-no. And the Redskins have lost both games and are in desperate need of a confidence booster.

Right now, the AFC North looks like the division that is playing the best ball, although Baltimore still needs to play a good team to prove their worth. And we'll see how Pittsburgh measures up against the Jaguars tonight. The NFC South is interesting but it's hard to believe too much in the New Orleans Saints yet, and we'll have to see what the Panthers do when Steve Smith gets back.

The NFC North has two good teams and two terrible teams. The NFC West has Seattle and we'll wait on judging the Arizona Cardinals. The AFC East has New England and they don't look as good this year as they did in the previous years. The AFC South has the very good Colts, what looks like a good Jaguars team and two bad teams. The AFC West is led by San Diego but the jury is still out on the Broncos and the Chiefs haven't been impressive.

So the NFC East is still looking like one of the power conferences, but right now, the AFC North looks like the power conference.