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Owens has surgery

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Terrell Owens had his surgery yesterday.

Terrell Owens underwent successful surgery on his right hand Monday afternoon.

Three screws and a plate were inserted to repair the broken ring finger he suffered in the Cowboys' 27-10 victory against the Redskins on Sunday night.

It seems that the prognosis for his recovery and return to the field is getting shorter and shorter. Everyone believes he will be back for the Philadelphia game, and now there's speculation he might play in Tennessee.
If Owens can function with the plate, he may not miss a game. Parcells said he could not recall having a receiver play with that injury.

Right now, the early thought is Owens will miss the Cowboys' next game, Oct. 1 in Tennessee against the 0-2 Titans.

And that he will return in time to play the following week's game: Oct. 8, in Philadelphia.

"No, that wouldn't shock me," one Cowboy official said with a smile.

That sounds about right. I think we can take the Titans without Owens, so let him heal up for another week. Who will start in his absence? Patrick Crayton seemed like the obvious choice, except he doesn't play Owens' position. It might be Sam Hurd.
Rookie Sam Hurd is Owens' backup on the depth chart, but Patrick Crayton has more experience. Jamaica Rector led the NFL with 20 catches in the preseason but was inactive Sunday. Miles Austin, another undrafted free agent, has yet to be active.

I'd like to see Sam Hurd given the opportunity with Crayton coming in as the 3rd receiver and Rector returning to punt return duties and some receiver work as the 4th guy.

P Mat McBriar is kicking butt.

Cowboys punter Mat McBriar has been a field-position weapon in the first two weeks and off to a Pro Bowl-caliber start. He leads the NFL with a 50.8-yard average.

McBriar had a 61-yard punt Sunday against the Redskins, marking his third 60-yard-plus punt in the first two games. He finished the game with seven punts for a 49-yard average Sunday night.

I'll have my reviews of the game tape from the Washington victory up later today.