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Parcells press conference 9/20/06

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Everybody practiced except Owens.

Working on special teams, a few areas we need work on. We worked on some specialty areas in practice with this being the off week.

There's a chance that the prognosis on Owens isn't accurate. Once the plate is in there's no further chance of displacing it. Once you can take the pain, the trauma, you're good to go. I'm not ruling him out of the Titans game. Once you get it tightened down you're ready to go. Most of the time that I've known, I think they probably leave the plate in for the season. (Parcells made it sound like he expects Owens to play at Tennessee)

It won't be Crayton in place of Owens. It won't be Terry Glenn, so it will be one of the kids. That's how to best utilize the players, I can't play Terry 100% of the plays, I need to use Crayton there some. I won't screw up two positions.

(On Owens presence making Terry want to play better) Terry is his own player. This is simple for me because I've know him so long, he's a prideful kid, he has ability, he has his own kind of things he interested in and nothing else affects him. He sees Terrell as a benefit, he can help the team and help Terry. Terry's a deep threat, got great hands, he's elusive, quick, smart, I just can't play him 70 plays a game.

I'm happy for Bradie, he's come a long way. He's developed into a solid player and a team leader.

(Worried about safety when Davis and Watkins got nicked up in the game?) Keith Davis is tough, he went up to the locker room early before the half, but he told me he was good to go. Watkins is "block tackling" which is dangerous because I see more injuries from that technique, broken necks, clavicles, etc., just a myriad of injuries. He did that 4 times in the game and I told them he will have a short career if he continues, I told the other guys to order him a coffin because that's where he's going. He throws his body into the legs of the offensive guy and doesn't wrap up and it's a very dangerous technique. The rest of the secondary doesn't do it. Smaller corners do it sometimes, Aaron Glenn can get into that habit once in a while. It is very dangerous. There's nothing good about it, he's putting himself at risk. He didn't do it at Florida State that I saw. Told me some cock and bull story, said his elbow or shoulder was hurting, or something. But it's a very dangerous way to tackle, high risk.

I may at some point let Vanderjagt try to kickoff. Carrying 2 kickers will hurt us at some point. I don't know when but it will. Just from what I've seen the difference in Vandy's kickoffs (to Suisham) is about 12-15 yards.

MB3 is playing 3rd down for sure, I want to use Tyson more, Julius was just at the right number of carries, maybe a few too many. JJ tried to run hard on every play and he's breaking a few tackles, that's what I wanted, that's what I talked to him about.

Polite is the most experienced entry point blocker from the backfield that we got, he's a key when getting the ball off the goal line, he does help with the running game. We didn't dress Hannam so I knew Polite would get a lot of plays.

Hurd produced well in preseason, I don't think the game is too big for him, what we gotta do is what we gotta do. Just because he would be replacing a more proven player doesn't mean he has it any easier. The kid wants to play the game. He made a good play on special teams, made a good tackle on kickoff coverage.

Fasasno is doing a good job, he's a tough kid, he has to take care of the ball better. Doing OK in blocking, he's hanging in there. This isn't an easy thing, he has a lot of pressure on him because we move him around a lot.

I would like MB3 to be in on the majority of 3rd downs, I want to give him seven other carries a game other than 3rd down. That was the plan in preseason, it doesn't always work in the regular season, I want to give him 8 or 9 carries a game. I would like to get TT in the mix. I think I've learned this over the years, going back to Joe Morris. Everyone is doing it now. A lot of theses runners are not big backs. Curtis Matrtin wasn't big but didn't get hit hard, he avoided square hits. I'm trying to get Julius to not leave the hole too soon, stay with it. In practice when MB3 and TT dance around, Julius is there and I tell him don't do it.

I don't have a set number of plays for Julius, but Anthony Lynn said that Sunday night was a good number for Julius, 20 was a good number. On most of the runs he got what was there on the play.

The organization felt Bradie was good player, a good citizen, he still has upside, he has the characterisitics we're looking for at that position in this scheme. He's improved his pass defense a lot since he got here. He had a good battle with Randy Thomas and he didn't win them all, and I haven't talked to Bradie yet about some of those things I saw on the film. It was a good battle.

This is how I know Bradie gets it. He did something in preseason. He made a play in preseason and I had coached him to do something different all last year against this certain paly-action fake and at the end of last year he was doing it well. Then the first preaseason game, the Seattle game, they ran the exact play and he did the wrong thing he was doing last year. I glared at him as he walked off the field, and I didn't have to say anything and he said to me "Same shit as last year" and right then I knew he gets it. I didn't have to say anything, I just had to look at him.

(Does Roy have more responsibilties with a rookie safety back there?) Yes. I think this has been a benefit to Roy, he's paying attention to what he's doing and doing some baby-sitting. He was the baby for a while, Darren Woodson did the sitting. Everybody has tried to help Watkins, this is the first time through the league for Watkins.

Roy is playing better pass defense than anytime that I've been here. When people look at him they think he's more like a LB, he has the versatility to play LB, but he has the makings of a very good safety, he's already pretty good. I don't want to take him off the field if I can help it.