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Jags win Monday makes Cowboys look good

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Mickey Spags has posted a good article which points out that the Jags victory over the Steelers Monday night should put into perspective how good the Cowboys offense might really be this season.

Now no one should take solace in someone else's misery. Everyone's got their own problems to worry about. But maybe, just maybe, Jacksonville's 9-Could-Have-Been-16-0 beating - and I do mean beating - of the Pittsburgh Steelers might lend some perspective to the Cowboys' 24-17 season-opening loss to those same Jaguars at the same Alltel Stadium.

The Cowboys, they at least had a chance to beat the Jaguars. In fact, they had a 10-0 lead at one point. Were a ticky-tack interference call away from a 17-10 lead late in the third quarter and a made 36-yard field away from at least a 13-10 lead.

But Pittsburgh, the Steelers were never in jeopardy of leading in that game. In fact, they were never in jeopardy of even scoring. Do you realize the vaunted Pittsburgh offense crossed the 50-yard line only once, and at that penetrated all of four yards in Jacksonville territory? Yep, Pittsburgh never made it past the Jaguars' 46.

Three cheers for the Cowboys' offense, the one after the game most would just as soon shipped down, er, up the nearby St. John's River that dissects downtown Jacksonville. The one with the offensive line no one wants. The one with the quarterback they wanted to retire on the spot so Tony Romo could take over for good. And the one with the starting running back they wanted to demote to No. 2 for sure.

I first want to say that I for one did take solace in the Steeler's misery Monday night as they are one of my most hated teams, but that's another story in and of itself. Anyway, while watching the game and seeing the Jags completely dominate the team that just won the Super Bowl made me think, like Mickey, that the Cowboys offense maybe wasn't all that bad in the season opener. A play here or there and we definitely could have beat those guys, the same guys who soundly beat the defending champs. The Jags defense looked dominating against Pittsburgh, but just good against us as we put up 17 points which could have been more. It is definitely a very good sign, unless of course the Steelers turn out to be just an average team this year. I don't think that's the case though. As a Steeler hater, I could only be so lucky.