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New DCFanatic Radio Show plus other stuff

Rob Phillips takes a look at the WR situation; what happens if Terrell Owens plays, doesn't play, and what we could expect from Crayton and The Kids.

Mike Vanderjagt is back to his old self. Just ask him.

"I knew I had it in me (and) I knew I'd fix what I was doing wrong," Vanderjagt said. "I just had to prove it to myself, along with everyone else who thought maybe I didn't have it anymore or whatever. Everything for me is back on track. I'm not real concerned with anything. Personally, yeah I feel a lot better than I did last week."

The new DC Fanatic radio broadcast for this week is up, it's a post-game show for the Redskins game. I've set it up to auto-play when you open this diary, once it buffers you should start hearing the broadcast, so adjust your sound/speakers accordingly. In this show I talk about Drew Bledsoe, Julius Jones, plus a lot more.