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Cowboys article roundup

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Bradie James feels the love from JJT in this article. Bradie has the work ethic to go along with his talents that will land you a big payday.

No one studies more. He attended meetings with the secondary last year to improve understanding of coverages. No one practices harder. He stayed after practice several times last year with Bill Parcells, trying to improve an aspect of his pass defense. No one has gotten more from his ability. As a fourth-round pick, he was guaranteed nothing but opportunity

It took a couple of years, but the wait was worth it. We now have a stud SILB who is unquestionably the team leader on defense. Roy Williams, Terence Newman and DeMarcus Ware are stars on defense but are not vocal leaders. Nine-year vet Greg Ellis is a leader, but even he says it's time for someone new to take over and that someone is James.
While many of his teammates danced around the issue last week - even in private conversations - he's the one who said a quarterback controversy would not infect the Cowboys' locker room as long as he was on the team.

He promised to squash it before it started.
"It means a lot that the guys look to me," James said. "It's not something that you just want talked about. It has to be real. I'm not seeking to be the leader of the defense, but I do whatever needs to be done.

"If things need to be said, then I have to say it - even if they don't always like it. We have to all be on the same page to succeed. We have to play for one another."

Congrats to Bradie and congrats to all of us who get to watch him play for the Cowboys over the next few years.

I wrote in my film review this week that Roy Williams is playing the best pass defense of his NFL career. Then in the Parcells' press conference yesterday the Tuna said the exact same thing. But Roy isn't eating the cheese.

"I get it every year," Williams said. "It gets redundant. Now I get two picks in the first two games, and everybody wants to praise me. Don't praise me because I don't want it. Don't feed me the cheese because I am not going to bite on it."

"Eating the cheese" is a Bill Parcells euphemism for believing the hype and getting caught up in your own press clippings.

Roy has taken Parcells' sayings to heart. He's one of Parcells favorite guys on the team. During camp, everyday for two weeks while the team stretched, Parcells would stand at one end of the line where Roy and Keith Davis were stretching and the three of them would just be chatting away. Roy and Keith would regularly crack Parcells up.

But Roy knows the critics are never far away.

Williams knows that as soon as he gives up a play in the passing game or it is believed that he gave up a play -- he says the media doesn't always know coverages and routinely blames the wrong person (him) -- that critics will return.

"It doesn't bother me because I know what I can do," Williams said. "You guys write he is weak in this area, which I am really not. I laugh because you guys don't understand what we are doing. It is ignorant."

Todd Archer takes a look at the running back mix of JJ, MB3 and TT. Parcells pretty much laid it out in the press conference yesterday: JJ should get close to 20 carries, MB3 will get 8 or so and all 3rd down plays, and TT gets whatever is left-over, if any. MB3 got a little talking to for his play on Sunday.

Parcells said he would like to give Barber eight or nine carries a game this year and even work Tyson Thompson more into the mix. But Barber drew Parcells' ire for a few mistakes against Washington, including allowing a sack. Barber said he had a meeting with Lynn this week to discuss his play.

"If I make plays, I know I don't have to hear anything," Barber said.

Mike Vanderjagt is - uhm - not the smartest guy on the planet. When discussing the opportunity for him to kickoff, or the lack of one, he said this:

"It's going to come to a head real soon. He doesn't like my kickoffs in practice," Vanderjagt said of Parcells. "But I've said 1,000 times I'm not going to bang kickoffs as hard as I can in practice, there's just no need. If he's going to evaluate me in practice, he's not going to like what he sees."

I'm sure that will win Parcells over.