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Not missing Glover or Allen

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CalCBfan over on the Cowboys-Forum board asks a very good question: Have you missed La'Roi Glover? I must admit, I haven't. I haven't even thought about him since the real games started. He wasn't even much of a thought during camp. And that's no knock on Glover, who I think is a very good football player.

During his time here, he was one of the best guys on our defense, or at least the most consistently good. I would never fault Glover for some of those sorry teams. The guy came to play every Sunday - but everything changes - and with the implementation of Bill Parcells' 3-4 defense, Glover was a player out of position.

Enter NT Jason Ferguson, a Parcells' Guy from his tenure with the Jets. Last year, we paid a lot of money for Ferguson and he was somewhat of a disappointment, which was surprising considering how good he was with the Jets. But through the preseason, and now the first two games of the season, Ferguson has made me forget about La'Roi Glover. He's done exactly what you want a 3-4 NT to do, and a little more.

Will it last? I say the question is more like "Why wouldn't it last"? It's not like last year was the expected level of play from Ferguson. That was the abnormal. The guy was a pretty good player with the Jets, certainly in the upper echelon at his position. Now, he's playing like it and the Dallas run defense is the beneficiary.

Speaking of high-profile castoffs, the move of dumping Larry Allen for Kyle Kosier hasn't hurt the Cowboys in the first two weeks of the season. Even though it was obvious that Allen was no longer producing anywhere near the level of his contract, getting rid of him and bringing in the relatively unknown Kosier made me a little nervous. So far, I'm satisfied with the work Kosier has done in preseason and the first two games. Getting younger, cheaper and having a long-term solution made sense, and the Cowboys did well.

Of course, later in the season I could be singing a different tune, but for right now it looks like the Cowboys made the right moves in both cases.