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Beauty or the beast

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I'm giving you a choice in this post; you can either read the typically candid but not always welcome quotes from our kicker below. Or you can go here and have a much more enjoyable experience.

You decide.

So for coach Bill Parcells or anyone else who got worked up over how poorly he [Vanderjagt] was kicking before going 2-for-2 in his Dallas debut Sunday night, the confident Canadian who is always willing to share his opinion has this message: "Back off a little."

"People just don't know me here," he said. "If I was a rookie coming in and people thought, 'Can he really do it?' that would be one thing. But I had a pretty good eight years in Indy. It should've been, `You know what? He's good. Just let him go,' instead of, `Oh, my God, he sucks."'

"Shaun is a weapon," Vanderjagt said. "For me, he's somewhat of an attribute as opposed to a liability. But as everybody here knows, it's Bill's deal. If he doesn't want to go with three (kickers, including the punter), then there's not a lot anyone can do about it."

Vanderjagt said he expected playing for Parcells to be easier.

"I just thought, `I'm pretty good at what I do; he'll leave me alone.' But apparently that's not the case," he said. "I figured him out a long time ago. It's his way or the highway, so that's how I'm going to look at it."