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Chris Canty wants more

I like this attitude from Chris Canty. He's been steady on the line, rarely out of position and has been very good in run support. But we know the kid has more talent and should start being a disruptive force in opposing backfields. Parcells gave him a little talk, and Canty is ready to go.

Coach Bill Parcells said he wants defensive end Chris Canty to be more productive, and the second-year pro agrees. The two spoke, and Parcells conveyed his feelings.

"He said, 'Just take a chance. Stop being a robot. Make plays,'" said Canty, who has five tackles, but no sacks. "I haven't made tackles. I haven't made any plays."


"I'm [ticked] off. I expect better. There is no choice. I'm a little desperate right now. I'd love to have a game this week."

If Canty can add another element to our pass rush, our defense will be fierce.

Do yourself a favor and read about how superstitious Coach Parcells really is. It's hilarious.

When Parcells was the Giants' coach, players who walked into his office would see elephant totems. That's plural, as in at least 25, [former Giants WR Ed] McConkey says. Elephant totems are supposed to keep bad luck out, and good luck in. So the trunks of the elephants faced into Parcells' office.

"The few times we were allowed in there, we would always try to turn the trunks toward the door just to mess with him," McConkey said.

Elephant totems? What the ... the Tuna is a freak!