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Parcells press conference 9/22/06

Not much too talk about, we practiced, everybody practiced except Terrell who did some heavy running.

I probably will watch a few games this weekend on satellite and start working on our Titans game plan.

The swelling is down (for Terrell) and he's running so when he can catch he can go. I wouldn't expect it on Monday (to practice), that may be a little ambitious.

I'm concerend with building on last week, improving as we go. You don't just stay the same in the course of a season, you either get better or get worse. I'm trying to do some individual work with some guys who may not be helping much now but 5 or 6 weeks from now, they can contribute. Putting pressure on a lot of young players, even practice squad players to be ready and know what they're doing, I gave a lot of the young players reps in practice this week.

We need to protect the ball, we had a few mistakes in the first game, we also need to get the penalty thing under control. Spent some time with the team on penalties this week. See if we can't get that in better shape.

I don't look at Colombo as a veteran player, just the opposite, but he's played good for us in the first 2 games. He's a comptettive guy, you don't have to worry about his effort. His weight is getting down a little bit, him and Kosier.

(Pat Watkins tackling issue) Doing some aggressive form tackling drills. He's not going to be a able to live long doing that. It's a dangerous thing, a high speed collison while putting some vulnerable body parts in the way. He's not missing tackles now, but he will against an elusive player who can get out of his way.

McBriar is a field position weapon, he's netting 40 yards a kick. He picks up hidden yards that can lead to points.  

Ferguson is doing OK, but I got to watch his plays, he's not a 70 play player. Last week he got 35 or so, he gets a break in the nickel. You don't want him to go more than 45 plays.

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