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Owens "definitely" playing against the Eagles

Confirming what everyone pretty much knew, Terrell Owens says he's definitely playing against the Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 8th.

Owens is so pleased with how his hand is healing, he said Friday that he will "definitely" play for the Dallas Cowboys in Philadelphia on Oct. 8, a game for him that's been marked on his calendar since the schedule was released.

The real question is will he play against the Titans after the bye week? If he can practice Weds. and Thurs. of next week, he could play. Owens will wear a little extra protection when he does return.

Owens said he expects to wear protective padding on or under his glove once he returns. He's not sure whether he'll eventually have the plate removed. The plate used to help heal his broken ankle in 2005 was taken out because the screws were causing him pain.