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Bye-bye Bye week

The Dallas Cowboys were mere bystanders on this NFL Sunday, leaving us - the fans - with that empty feeling. To try and fill that empty space, I watched as much as I could of our NFC East brethren to get an idea of what's going on in the division. As an observer this weekend, I can tell you one thing; the NFC East has no clear leader. Even though the Philadelphia Eagles became the first East team to pick up two wins, they haven't beat anybody of stature and have a loss at home in the division hanging around their necks. So far they've handled Houston and San Francisco while suffering a humiliating loss to the Giants. They look like a much better team than last year's edition and that's mainly due to Donovan McNabb being healthy. The game between Dallas and Philadelphia in two weeks should be a very instructive meeting as to where this division is going.

The New York Giants got walloped by the Seattle Seahawks even though they did some cosmetic work to make the final score more appealing. They were losing 35-3 at halftime. They tried to pull off a miracle two weeks in a row, but never really threatened the Seahawks. If the Giants continue to start games this slowly all season, it's going to be a very long season filled with losses. Right now, the Giants are a team in danger of imploding. Shockey's mad, Buress was benched, Eli is frustrated and Tom Coughlin could erupt at any time. It's a volatile mix over there.

The Washington Redskins finally found a team they could handle. They cruised to an easy win over the Texans to get their first win of the year. But they still have a ways to go before they are back into serious contender status.

Now that the bye week for Dallas is over - except for the Sunday night game and MNF - it's time to get those engines revved back up. Monday starts the official "Titans Week" for the Cowboys and it's time to get serious about next Sunday. I know that Tennessee is a bad football team - they lost their third in a row today - but this is still the NFL and if you get caught looking ahead in the schedule, you might get a rude awakening. The Cowboys can't look at this game as a "gimme" win while concentrating on the Philadelphia game two weeks away. Nothing comes for free in the NFL and I'm sure Bill Parcells will remind his team of that all week long.

I want to see the Cowboys come out next week and build on what they did against the Redskins. Dallas needs to go on the road and crush a bottom-feeder - sure I'll take any kind of win - but I really want a dominant beat-down. If Terrell Owens is healthy, I say let him play. It would be good for him to get used to playing with the plate in his hand before we get on the road to Philadelphia. We need him to be at the top of his game for the Eagles contest, so a nice tune-up in Tennessee could be just what the doctor ordered. Of course, if there's any kind of risk to his health, we need to sit him out of the game.

If Dallas can go on the road in two weeks and take a division game from the Eagles, that would do wonders for this team's confidence. It would also saddle the Eagles with two home losses within the division. That could go a long way towards determining division titles, playoff seeds and whole lot of other stuff. But before that happens, we have a game to take care of next Sunday. This is the NFL, you take them one game at a time, so for the moment forget about Philadelphia and "Remember the Titans".