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Cowboys new stadium to look like a spaceship

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The DFW S-T has an article out that reveals some of the features of the new stadium Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are building in Arlington. Apparently, it's going to be made of a lot of glass and steel and will look like a spaceship. No joke, this is how the opening of the article describes it:

The Dallas Cowboys are leaving Texas Stadium, but they're taking the hole with them.

It will likely be the one feature familiar to Cowboys fans waiting for word on what the new home for America's Team will look like. Several sources who have seen the plans told the Star-Telegram that the Cowboys will be moving into a contemporary stadium made of steel and glass that looks "like a spaceship."

Well, that really doesn't give me much to go on.

But BTB strives to bring you the best in Dallas Cowboys coverage, so we enlisted our own sources, did our own research and created an artists' rendition of the new stadium. We now present to you the new Cowboys stadium.

But we weren't satisfied with just one artists' conception of the stadium, so we employed a second artist who came up with this picture based on BTB sources.

Just to complete our research, we actually snuck someone into the complex at Valley Ranch, managed to get him all the way into Jerry Jones' office, where he snapped a picture of the architectural model that represents the new stadium in detail, but in miniature size.

Oh yeah, here's the description of the hole in the roof.

At a recent town hall meeting, some Arlington residents asked whether the new stadium would match Ameriquest Field's "Texas-deco" style.

It won't have red bricks, sources say. It will have a hole over the field so Cowboys fans can still joke that God is watching his favorite team.

According to construction bid packages, a retractable roof will cover the hole. But the Cowboys' retractable roof will open only above the playing field, unlike other sports facilities where retractable roofs unfold to reveal the sky above the entire stadium. Think of it like a sunroof, one source said.

The retractable roof, designed by Minnesota-based Uni-Systems, will have two large steel panels that will come together at the 50-yard line when the roof is closed, according to bid documents. When it is opened, the two panels will retract toward the end zones, sitting on top of the stadium's permanent roof, a source said.

It will also have giant video screens and some kind of weird endzone seating which they described in the article but made no sense to me. Maybe they should have added some artist sketches.