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Parcells press conference 9/26/06

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Owens and Witten didn't practice. Witten's wife is having a baby.

Nothing is going on with Terry Glenn's hand. He cut his thumb while trying to cut some tape yesterday.

I sent them home yesterday because I thought we could get more done today. It was a last second decision. I wanted to look at the Dolphins/Titans game tape. It had nothing to do with Terry.

I think Owens might practice tomorrow. Swelling is down a lot, he caught some balls today, ran a lot today.

I've been running the team hard over the past few practices.

The receiver is a position that is difficult to scout effectively. I know the first week of the season only one rookie receiver was starting. He was a 7th round draft choice. It's a position that the stamina and endurance is much greater in the pro game than the college game. It's a hard position to find, there are different kinds of guys. Some are big, some are small and quick. I like bigger is better at all positions. There are a lot of intangibales at that position. You have to be able to sperate from a defender, you can't have bad hands, you need a lot of endurance. Receivers are being asked to block more now than in the past. The physical aspect of the game is more now.

It shouldn't be hard to get our team focused, we haven't done anything yet. The Titans played two games tough and one bad game. Collins played better last week than before. We're preparing for both Collins and Young.

Damarius Bilbo simulates Vince Young on the scout team.

Young has a transition to make to the NFL. It won't be an easy transition. He was impressive in college.

(On starting a rookie QB) You have to be fair to all the players on a team. Those players want a chance to win. I think you should start the guy who gives you the best chance to win, rookie or not. If a guy gave me a better chance to win, even temporarily, I would start that guy.

I knew Romo couldn't start when I first got him. Now that he's been around and has gotten schooled some, he could play now if he had to.

I started Bledesoe after the third game in his rookie year. I had done a lot of work on him. Watched all his throws in his junior and senior years in college. We didn't rely on him early to do much. He was on a very short leash. More like a choke collar.

It's helpful to see the Titans on tape play against two 3-4 defenses so far, the Jets and the Chargers.

If I think Owens is good to go and can help us, I will play him. If he's confident, and the injury doesn't act as a deterrent, he'll play. I talk to him everyday to see how he's doing. I listened to the trainers about not practicing today. It's just if he can withstand the pain of catching the ball.

The team knows that we got 5 road games in the next 7. But all the teams in the division know they will have stretches like that. We all play the same teams. But I'm just worried about this week, I don't know what we've got yet.

I spoke to Watkins strongly about the block tackling, if he keeps it up he's going to the bench.

Ellis is doing good, it's less than perfect, but I have been happy with him. He's a factor at that spot. I felt like he would have a chance to do this.

Spears played well against Washington. I want him to be consistently dominating. When he plays with leverage, he can be very good. I want him and Canty to get going.

Ratliff is coming along and Hatcher is coming along faster than I thought. He's hung in there against the run. He's got work to do there but it hasn't hurt us.

I think Ware will be all right, he's better than last year. I expect he'll get on a streak here soon because he's been very close for the first couple of games.

Bilbo was a starting QB in the ACC for two years. He's been doing the option read for two weeks in practice. Skyler is running as the halfback.

Sean Payton is off to a good start. That was a good win last night. It's a little early to draw conclusions, wait until he has 100 games coached. Then draw conclusions.