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5 Questions with the Titans blog

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Since SB Nation added the Titans blog this week, I get to play 5 Questions with Jimmy, the blogger over at Music City Miracles Go over to his site to read the 5 questions he asked me and the answers I gave. Below are the 5 questions I asked him about the Titans and his answers.

BTB: Who should Dallas be preparing for, Kerry Collins or Vince Young? Or a combination of both?

Jimmy: Unfortunately Collins.  For some reason, Fisher has deemed Vince Young not ready.   Collins has been terrible.  Part of this is not his fault but the organizations for not bringing him in until a week before the season started.   He has absolutely no rhythm with his receivers.  VY has shown flashes of being great and made some rookie mistakes when he has been in there.   He (VY) still gives the Titans a better chance because he can move around and make plays when the line breaks down.  People say Bledsoe is a statue but Collins makes him look like Michael Vick.   There have been multiple plays this year where the pocket is collapsing and Collins just tucks the ball and waits to get sacked.  He has to have everything go perfectly to make a good play.

BTB: Besides the play of the QB, what has been the biggest factor in the Titans 0-3 start?

Jimmy: The next biggest factor in the 0-3 start is the lack of playmakers on this team.  VY will be a playmaker.   Until he plays, the Titans don't have a consistent playmaker on offense.  Chris Brown looked like he could be 2 years ago but he can't stay on the field, Drew Bennett has shown flashes but he is inconsistent and David Givens has the ability to be but he is still learning the offensive timing after missing most of camp with a bad hammy.   On defense we have Bulluck and Vanden Bosch but that is all. "Pacman" is a big playmaker on special teams but has not shown the ability to be that at corner yet.

BTB: What can you tell us about the injuries to the offensive line, and how well have they played this year?

Jimmy: Guards Zach Piller, Eugene Amano, and Benji Olsen all have injuries that will keep them out of practice for most of the week.   Fisher said on Monday they will all be game time decisions.  I would guess that Piller will be out and Amano and Olsen will play.  If one of those 2 cannot go right tackle Jacob Bell will move in to play guard and rookie David Stewart will play right tackle.   If 2 of those 3 cannot play then you should prepare for VY because Collins will get hurt in the 1st quarter.

The line has played ok so far and with Bell starting a tackle for the first time in the NFL and Roos with his first year a left tackle, I expect the line to get better as the season goes along.

BTB: Is Jeff Fisher's job in jeopardy? Could he be fired or could he leave after this year?

Jimmy: Fisher's job is definitely in jeopardy.  If this team ends up with 2 or 3 wins, which is entirely possible, I don't think owner Bud Adams will bring him back.   Fisher is under contract through the 2007 season but the 2007 season is a team option so it will be all up to Adams.  Adams recently sent Steve Underwood to Nashville from Houston to monitor how things are going.  I don't think Fisher would leave on his own because he has been here through the salary cap blow-up.   Things will get a lot better after this season.

BTB; Give us your best spin on how an 0-3 Titans team can upset the Cowboys on Sunday.

Jimmy: The Titans best and maybe only chance to win on Sunday comes if the Cowboys miss their flight to Nashville.   Seriously though, for the Titans to win the defense is going to have to force some turnovers to give the offense a short field, or the Titans are going to have to get some points from special teams.   The Titans are not at an advantage on either side of the ball in this game.  It will take an "unconventional score" or two for the Titans to have a chance.

That last assessment is pretty good. I don't think they can beat us in a straight up game, but turnovers or special teams could give them a shot.