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Report: T.O. attempted suicide

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Update [2006-9-27 11:22:51 by Grizz]: The Dallas police gave a statement to the media a few minutes ago. It had nothing new and they wouldn't take questions. They said paramedics called police to Owens house where they were treating him. This is not a criminal offense, they don't know how the previous info (the suicide stuff) got out. There's no investigation going on and if you want to know more then call Mr. Owens or the medical staff.

Ed Werder followed with information that Kim Etheridge, Owens' publicist, says the event is being misrepresented and that Owens answered questions while groggy on medication and wasn't giving straight answers.

Werder also said that people from both the Eagles and 49ers had approached Owens about getting evaluated for mental health issues, but Owens refused and felt insulted. Werder couldn't confirm that either team had documented this issue with the NFL. [END UPDATE]

I really don't know what to make of this latest report. According to the police, Terrell Owens said he was depressed and attempting to harm himself after being taken to the hospital after an adverse reaction to his pain medication. Reports further state that Owens ingested up to 35 pain pills (according to KTVT/Channel 11) and was trying to take 2 more pills as the rescue units arrived.

Yesterday in the press conference Parcells said that Owens was running hard on the side and catching passes. Reporters stated that he appeared to be in good spirits at practice. Parcells went as far as to say he might practice today. All of that gives no indication as to why Owens would be depressed and attempt suicide.

First, let me say if he was that troubled to attempt to take his own life, then he needs to get some serious help quickly. Second, if his mental state is that fragile then I can't imagine him playing football anytime soon. I'm not one to judge what is going on in another man's head. All I can do is hope he is OK and that he gets the help he needs if this was a true suicide attempt.

There's still the possibility that the whole episode has something to do with the pain medication somehow creating a depressive state and impairing his judgement. So before I state anything unequivocally, I'll wait until I hear something from Owens himself or someone in his inner circle. Right now, none of this makes sense.

Here's an article from the DMN:

Dallas Cowboys star receiver Terrell Owens swallowed prescription pain medication Tuesday night in an apparent attempt to commit suicide, according to a Dallas Police Department report released Wednesday morning.

The police report says the complainant, identified as Owens, "stated that he was depressed" and that he had emptied a bottle of pain pills and was trying to harm himself, the report said.

According to the report, a woman who was with Owens saw him put two pills in her mouth, and she tried to get them out. She also said he had filled a prescription for 40 pain pills on Sept. 18, and taken only five through Tuesday, the report said.

Under questioning, Owens said he had taken the remainder of the prescription. He was described as having "ingested unknown large quantity of RX pain medication," and was transported to Baylor University Medical Center for a drug overdose.

Here's a copy of the police report.