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T.O. update

The Terrell Owens press conference has been delayed until 3:15 PM EST and is expected to take place at Valley Ranch. Owens is out of the hospital and currently at his condo. Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin are reporting that they've talked to Owens very recently and that he denies the sucide allegation. Both report that Owens said it was a chemical reaction between his painkillers and some nutritional supplements that left him in a bad enough condition that Kim Etheredge called 911.

I thought this morning that catching passes yesterday might have inflamed his injury, causing more than the normal amount of pain in his hand. Owens has confirmed to Irvin that he was in more pain than normal last night.

Also it has been reported that the hospital probably wouldn't have released him if they thought he was suicidal in any way. The tone of the reports are shifting more to the fact that it was a chemical reaction, and that Terrell Owens is in good spirits and plans to play as soon as he can.

We need to wait to see what Owens says today to get a true read on what happened. If this turns out to be nothing more than a reaction to medication, then that is the best possible outcome. I just want Owens to be true to himself about what happened, the last thing he needs to do is return to football if there's anything more to the story. But if it played out like Owens and his people are now claiming, then this is nothing more than any other possible injury/illness.