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Parcells press conference 9/27/06 (T.O. edition)

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Update [2006-9-27 15:20:6 by Grizz]: BTB regular AmosM drops this comment on us:
Bledsoe on Ticket
Bledsoe said it's "obvious" that T.O. did not intend to hurt himself and that the two of them played catch less than twenty minutes ago. The Ticket ticker reports that T.O. is currently running sprints on the practice field. Clearly near death's door.

Interesting, he's already working out. This story is surreal.[END UPDATE]

Update [2006-9-27 15:10:32 by Grizz]: The guys on ESPN are really the only thing that are funny in this whole sotry. Their failure to realize that this is exactly how Parcells would react in a press conference is black comedy. Watching Parcells over the past few years, I knew he wouldn't say anything of substance and would play the ignorant card. He does this all the time, even on minor issues. He knows that Owens is saying it was nothing more than a bad reaction to pain medicine. He figures if he says anything of substance, the frenzy would spin up higher. Parcells and Owens aren't close, but if he thought this was a serious issue of a potential suicide, he would be reacting in a different way. Probably equally as obscure, but with a little more sympathy.[END UPDATE]

Update [2006-9-27 14:49:14 by Grizz]: Bill Parcells basically said he doesn't know what is going on, that he's been in practice and is just now catching up. He wouldn't speculate on anything until he gets more information. He tried to hold it together for a while, but all the questions were along the same line and Parcells finally got a little fed up.[END UPDATE]

Rich Dalrymple: Trying to find out what the situation is, this is a medical condition. We don't know about his status this weekend. He's listed as questionable on the injury report.

Bill Parcells: Don't know all the situation. Saw some reports, but I don't know the whole thing. Haven't talked to him yet, I don't know about his condition.

(on playing status) I need to get a clearer picture of what it is. You guys know more than I do.

I don't think this is a distraction, it's an unfortunate set of circumstances. I need to know more before talking about the future.

I was just on the field for two hours. I need a chance to sit down and talk to people about it. I didn't notice a distraction with the players. I didn't talk to the players about it.

I thought his recovery from the hand injury was going OK.

I know this is an important story and I want to be polite with you guys, but I don't know what is going on, and when I find out what happened and I'll talk to you. I just talked to Jerry for a few minutes before we practiced.

Terry Glenn is fine with his hand injury.

Owens demeanor was fine this week. Nothing unusual.

(Parcells becomes exasperated with the same line of questioning) When I know what the hell is going on you will too, until then I'm not going to sit here and get interrogated.