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T.O. press conference

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Update [2006-9-27 16:1:29 by Grizz]: I found Owens' story to be pretty credible. He looked good and happy and coherent, so it would be hard to believe that he had taken 35 pills of Vicodin.

I had more problems with Kim Etheridge, her story sounds fishy. She probably did think "suicide" if she saw an empty bottle of pain killers and Owens being unresponsive. She probably did say some things to the police that turned out to be off-base. I tend to believe what the police report says, she probably just panicked and should've admitted she acted at the beginning like it was a suicide. There's no shame in that considering what the facts were at the time.

Terrell looked credible, she didn't; she should've just shut up. Just my opinion.[END UPDATE]

Terrell Owens: Want to thank God for me being here. Apologize to the organization for this distraction. I want to clarify rumors about suicide attempt.

No attempt at suicide. I went home and took some pain killers (a generic Vicodin), and called a physician over for some treatment. I was groggy, and I accidentally took some extra pills with my supplements. Kim made the call because I had seperated my pills and put some in a drawer and the empty bottle was left on the table. She saw that and thought I took the pills. She made the call out of her judgement. The rumor of ingesting 35 pills is absurd, and I didn't get a stomach pump.

I wasn't coherent when I answered "yes" to trying to harm myself, many people were asking questions, I didn't know what was going on.

Once I took the pills, I was on my training table getting treatment and I don't remember her (the physician) leaving. I don't know how long I was sleeping on the table.

I took extra pills by accident with my supplements. They were mixed in with supplements. I took maybe 2 or 3 extra pills.

I just finished throwing with Drew and Romo. I feel capable of playing Sunday.

I'm not depressed, I'm happy to be here, I want to win footabll games, that's why I'm here.

I can't say why I said anything that I did, I was out of it.

I took the pain killers for the hand and a bunch of natural supplements. It was not a suicide attempt.

Kim Etheredge: Terrell was not coherent to speak. The reason I called 911 was because he wasn't in his normal state. He was in lot of pain and took pain killers.

I did not say that Terrell was depressed, he didn't say he was depresseD. I asked him a question and he didn't respond correctly so I used my judgment and called 911. He had an allergic reaction and anything that can happen at that point. Terrell was sitiing at the table taking his supplements, and I went over then because he wasn't responding to questions, but I didn't take pills out of his mouth. Its unfair to say he was trying to commit suicide.

Terrell: Thanks to the fire and police department and Baylor hospital. Thanks to family and friends. Thanks to other players and teammates who reached out to me.

I feel I should be able to practice tomorrow.