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My probable Terrell timeline

Owens comes home after practice yesterday and his hand is extra sore from catching passes. He takes some pain killers - probably more than is recommended - and calls over the physician. She works on him and he's already starting to get loopy and he doesn't remember her leaving and falls asleep on the training table.

He wakes up, still incoherent and probably takes a couple of more pills with his supplements, not remembering he already had. Kim Etheridge shows up at the house and Owens is acting strange and unresponsive. She sees the empty bottle of pain killers, and knows how many he had before and freaks out. She assumes he took all of them not knowing he had seperated them out and stored them in pill containers and a drawer.

She uses good judgment in calling 911, and probably says something about an attempted suicide somewhere along the way. The evidence confronting her at the time supports the theory. Owens probably tries to take more supplements/pain killers in his incoherent state and she stops him by pulling them out of his hand or mouth.

The paramedics/police show up, she tells them what she thinks is happening based on what she knows. They write it up as a suicide attempt. Terrell answers questions in his stupor that support the theory, even though he has no idea what he's saying.

Later, after Terrell comes around sometime during the night, he tells Kim and others what really happened and she starts backtracking because she realizes what's going to be said based on her actions, even though those actions were in good faith. The police report leaks and you have today's circus.

As for telling the police that Terrell was depressed, it's entirely possible he had expressed unhappiness or dismay with his latest injury to her, and she put that together with what she thought at the time was a suicide attempt. Those moments must have been very stressful for her and she was just trying to help as best she could.

Now why she came out today and said the police report is a lie and that crude comment about $25 million reasons to live, I don't know. But she's doing Owens more harm than good, she should've just told the truth.

As for Parcells, I think it's obvious now why he wasn't overly concerned, he knew the story all along, starting from this morning most likely. It was proven out by Owens running patterns with Bledsoe and Romo this afternoon.

That's how I think it went down.