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Beyond T.O. - Other stuff

I had actually planned to post a game film review of the Titans today based on the Dolphins/Titans game. That was before I woke up and saw the Terrell Owens story. Now that it looks like the story is starting to play itself out, I promise to go back to blogging about the Titans game and other aspects of the Cowboys.

There's a new DC Fanatic radio show up, that was recorded earlier this week. It's a review of the Cowboys season so far and talk about other NFC teams, since we were coming off the bye week. Check it out and take a break from Terrell overload.

SB Nation added a new blog and it's for another of our hated rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. Bleeding Green Nation is the blog and Bleed Green is your blogger, although you might know him by the initials JB, as he's been commenting on BTB today concerning the Owens situation. First a Redskins blog, now an Eagles blog, and just in time for Owens' return to Philly Oct. 8th. All we need is a Giants blog.

Go on over to JB's Eagles blog and say hello. As always, talk smack, but be respectful when you do it.

On the same issue, if you guys know of good blogs for the NFL of teams that we don't have at SB Nation yet, drop me an email. I do a lot of the football blog recruiting for SB Nation and I'm looking to fill out more teams. By the way, I recruited Bleed Green to SB Nation because his previous Eagles blog was excellent.  

Todd Archer reported that Drew Henson was signed to Vikings practice squad today.