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The aftermath

I'm going to cap off one of the more bizarre days in Cowboys history with a few of my own conclusions - note they are my conclusions and not being stated as fact.

  1. Owens didn't attempt to take his own life. He took some pain pills - probably too many - and things got out of hand. In reality, what we have is a case of a guy going to the hospital for a bad reaction to pills. If the police report had said nothing about "suicide" this whole incident would've been over in no time.
  2. Just because a police report says "suicide attempt" doesn't make it true. The police acted in good faith, because the preliminary circumstances easily could've been construed as a suicide attempt. But later revelations like no stomach pumping, the 35 pills were not ingested, and the hospital letting Owens go in the morning all add up to something besides suicide. So does coming out to practice pass patterns the next day.
  3. Kim Etheridge was genuinely in fear that Owens was possibly overdosing, and probably said some things that she now regrets, but at the time were not inappropriate. She should've been worried last night and she did the right thing in calling 911 because you can never know what is happening for sure. She should've just come clean today.
  4. I don't hold the media responsible for the initial report. When someone as famous as Owens goes into the hospital and you get a police report that says they think it might've been a suicide attempt, you pretty much got to run that story. Where I do hold the media responsible is for the endless parade of people who know nothing about the incident first-hand or don't know Owens personally speculating on his mental health. Some of it was shameful.
  5. The attempt by the media to call this another distraction is also beyond the pale. The guy took pain killers, he had a bad reaction, and he was taken to the hospital. I don't care about his past baggage, the guy got sick. The day you are holding Owens to the standard that he's not allowed to get sick or it's a distraction to the team is the day you've crossed over into the T.O. Zone.
  6. Bill Parcells had a pretty good idea of what was going on when he entered his press conference. He just wasn't interested in feeding the beast, and he knew that Owens was O.K. He had no interest in anything else.
  7. Where the heck is Jerry Jones? I would've guessed he would be the guy out front talking about this from the Cowboys organization.
  8. Yes, the Cowboys are paying the price for bringing the circus to town. No matter who's at fault here - or nobody being at fault here - because the Cowboys chose to sign Owens they must deal with all that brings with it. And sometimes that brings unwanted or unwarranted media attention.
  9. Thank goodness we have a game this week, if this would've happened last week, there would've been no game on Sunday to start thinking about.
There are lots of articles being written about this incident, lots of people speculating and analyzing, or bringing up details on the periphery. I'm not going to link to them all, because it would take too much of my time. If I run across something interesting on the story, I'll post it. Otherwise, I'm going to try and return to some normalcy on the blog and tomorrow I promise a preview of the Titans based on some film review I've done.