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Watkins says he'll return to form

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Rookie Pat Watkins has received the not-so-subtle message from Bill Parcells; stop with the block-tackling. Watkins says he's fully recovered from a bicep injury that was causing him to tackle without using proper form. Of course, when he told Parcells that explanation after the last game, the Tuna was less than receptive. He called it some "cock and bull" story.

Starting free safety Patrick Watkins is getting healthy.

The rookie from Florida State said he's almost fully recovered from a contusion in his left bicep that has made it difficult for him to tackle.


"It was hard to wrap up," Watkins said. "I had a big-size knot. When I talked to Coach Parcells, he was very concerned, because he's never seen me do that before. I know I can tackle, but I had to get through it."

Jason Witten is a daddy! Congrats.
Tight end Jason Witten returned to practice Wednesday after missing the previous day when his wife had a baby. Christopher Jason Witten was born Tuesday and weighed six pounds and nine ounces. Witten said the baby will be called CJ. It's the couple's first.

Some quotes from players after yesterday's highly unusual circus.

"You've got to understand," linebacker Bradie James said, "Eighty-one loves himself too much to even think about something like that. Let's be realistic now."

"I was just hoping he was OK," [Jason] Ferguson said. "Whatever the situation was I was just happy to see him come through the door. He came through with a big smile and I said, 'Are you cool.' I said, 'I'm glad you're here.'"

"It's just a shock," [Patrick] Crayton said. "When we first heard the news it was kind of a shock to your system; it was like hearing about a loved one. We're more than just teammates around here sometimes."

"We went out and played a little and I was happy to see him here," [Drew] Bledsoe said. "I was concerned when I heard some of the speculation. I was happy to see him come in."

"If I didn't see him today, then I would start believing what I heard," Ferguson said.

"I think if a guy was trying to commit suicide he wouldn't be at work the next day," [Marcus] Spears said. "I didn't think that was the case and it ended up not being the case."

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