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Parcells press conference 9/28/06

Owens looked fine in practice. Won't decide until Saturday if he plays. He needs to look functional and know the gameplan. He seemed to be OK catching passes.

I listened to all the information available after yesterday. I only knew the hearsay yesterday. The stuation now is that I have to rely on other people to keep me informed to what is going on. I can't have opinions other than how his hand functions and whether he can play. Other than that I rely on others to inform me, anything not directly related to football.

Brief conversation with Terrell this morning, say hello. No opportunity to do anything else. I'm only qualified to make decisions about football, I'll rely on others for anything else.

Happy that he practiced today. We have two days to get him up to speed. I'm not sure about him on Sunday.

If the mental state subject came up someone will approach me, I wouldn't know where to go to ask about that. I have to rely on the doctors at the hospital, if they released him they had a reason to do so. I assume that was the proper course of action. I don't have time to look at every little thing, that's your job.

I think the situation seems to be what it is, as it's been discussed. How can I have a different opinion than the information that is out. All I am is a coach.

This is no distraction. I think I have control over the team. You guys put more emphasis on team distractions than is really there. I would tell you if I thought they were distracted.

All I'm worried about is now. He looks pretty good, and I'm worried about Sunday

I don't think we are distracted, we didn't have a lot of mental errors in practice, we're not sloppy, we had good attention and execution.

Owens did everything we asked him to do today at practice, in the normal course of action.

He seemed to be OK with the pain today. There was no visible evidence today that he was struggling to catch the ball.

I didn't see him yesterday after he came to the complex. I think he went to the offensive meetings yesterday.

I was sleeping, last night when this was happening, I didn't know what was going on until I came to work yesterday. I try to go to bed as early as I can. I guess they didn't want to wake me.

My area of expertise, which is a narrow area, I'm just coaching the team, I evaluate players based on a players performance and physical conditioning. I have to rely on others for anything outside my area of expertise.

I think I know Owens somewhat, not as well as other players, like Bledsoe and Terry. But that's not unnatural, the more time passes the more the relationship evolves. I can't say I have a great understanding of him yet. I've tried to engage in dialogue with Terrell, but I haven't had much opportunity. I don't have a couch in an office where I call them in one at a time.

I think the team is getting along all right. We've got some leaders who have surfaced.

I'm like the "Pros from Dover" on high-maintenance players.

I'm just really glad the player is OK and I want to talk about Tennessee, otherwise I'll retire early again today.

I have a hunch on how much we'll see Vince Young on Sunday, but I'm not going to say it. But I'll write it down and put it in an envelope give it to you (the reporter) Would you like that? But could you resist opening until after the game?

Young gives you more to plan for. No chance of running the option with Collins. This is similar to Randall Cunningham, when he first broke in. They used to put him in on 3rd down only, Jaworski was in on first and second down. Cunningham was very much like Young, fast, athletic, he would scramble for the first down.

Usually, running the QB on a steady diet has not been successful in the NFL , and the QB doesn't play for long. But Randall was unique, Vince Young and Mike Vick are unique players. These guys are different. Fast, elusive.

Important for JJ and MB3 to pick up the blitzes. The Redskins and Titans have some similarities on defense. So we've seen this for three weeks now.

Definitely worried about Albert Haynesworth, he can do damage.

Not a trap game. It's a little early for trap games, wait until Halloween.

(If Owens doesn't play) I've been working Hurd a lot, Crayton maybe, we have some moving parts with special teams and I need to get Terry Glenn rest during the game, so I need a good backup there.