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T.O., Damarius Bilbo and Vince Young

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Recapping the Terrell Owens-related news for the day.

The final report from the police has termed the Owens incident an "accidental overdose". They state that the initial reports were correct based on the information they had at the time, and that further investigation found it to be accidental. The Dallas Police Association wanted an apology from Owens and publicist for statements made at their press conference casting doubt on the police reports version of events. The transcript of Kim Etheridge's 911 call can be found here, and you can hear it on ESPN's home page. Kim Etheridge takes some heat for her shabby press conference from Mickey Spags plays the media-out-of-control card in his article. Finally, it looks like Owens has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

You guys know I'm a big Georgia Tech fan, so I had to give some love to Damarius Bilbo, former GT player. Actually, Todd Archer spreads the love.

Before Vince Young became VY, hero to Texas fans everywhere and the third overall pick of the NFL draft, he and Damarius Bilbo had a lot in common.

Both were prized recruits, winning state player of the year honors as top quarterbacks (Young in Texas, Bilbo in Mississippi).

I remember it, too. When we signed Bilbo we thought we had a big-time QB. He came to GT with credentials. I always liked him at QB, but Gailey fell in love with Reggie Ball and Bilbo moved to WR, where he did a decent job. Now, he's back at QB temporarily. Here's Terence Newman critiquing his scout team performance.

"Last week, I told him he was a disgrace to black quarterbacks," cornerback Terence Newman joked. "He couldn't run and he couldn't throw. This week he's doing a little better."

So much so that Bilbo said he was congratulated by linebacker Greg Ellis for a fake on an option play in Tuesday's practice.

Parcells laid out his plans for Bilbo when they signed him.
When the Cowboys signed Bilbo, Parcells told him to expect a little of everything: quarterback, receiver, safety. It's the same thing he told Ray Lucas when he signed the former Rutgers quarterback in New England, and Lucas developed first into a special teamer and then a starting QB for Parcells with the New York Jets.

With Atlanta coming up later, Bilbo will probably get a chance to be Michael Vick. He may get to do some things when the Cowboys prepare for Philadelphia's Donovan McNabb as well.

Go Bilbo, and go Georgia Tech against Virginia Tech this Saturday.

Bilbo may be impersonating Vince Young, but what about the real deal?

Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck likes rookie quarterback Vince Young's energy, so much that he'd like to see it on the football field as the team's starter. Bulluck said so during a Sirius radio interview this week, when asked the team's situation at quarterback.
-- The Tennessean

Kerry Collins just crossed Bulluck off the Christmas card list.