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Matt Mosley; confirmed love-child of RG and JFE

Matt Mosley is turning into the love-child of Randy Galloway and Jen Floyd Engel. I wonder what Mac Engel thinks about that? The underlying quality of their reporting is their open hate (or love) of certain players, and the effort to bend events to support their view. Facts are of little consequence, especially ones that may offer an opposing opinion. And anybody who doesn't see it their way is a fool or an apologist.

Take the latest effort from Mosley. The headline of his article tells you right away where this hit piece is going. An overdose of T.O. saga ... it's no accident. I don't know if he wrote the headline, usually the columnists don't, but it fits in perfectly with his style. Notice the clever way it leaves the impression that the Owens overdose was no accident. It's a slimy way of saying it without actually saying it. It's the coward's way out.

The opening paragraph:

For the life of me, I can't figure out why you guys won't leave poor T.O. alone. Let's be honest here. Who among us hasn't mixed a little hydrocodone with four or 27 natural supplements before?

Let's be honest here. Who among us has played an NFL game with a broken hand with 200 to 300-pound men waiting to deliver a knock-out blow?  Who among us has broken our hand, had surgery to insert plates and screws, and tried to return to a NFL game less than two weeks later where 200 to 300-pound men are waiting to deliver a knock-out blow? The answer is none of us. So none of us has had the reason to take a maximum dose of pain killers along with supplements in an effort to achieve something normal people wouldn't even dream about. Mosley is dishonest in trying to set a readers expectation that you can judge what happened to Terrell Owens by comparing it to our normal, everyday lives. Cheap shot #1 from a man who never let his hate of Owens get in the way of a good hit piece.

How could a man known for his stable behavior consider such an awful thing?

Equating Owens' previous behaviors with the desire to commit suicide is tawdry armchair psycho-analysis. You have no expertise in these matters, and you have no expertise into the mind of Terrell Owens. But because the facts of the situation no longer fit your world-view, you try to equate stomping on the star, feuding with QB's, holding out for money, or whatever other problematic behavior you want to catalog with a desire to end one's life. That's a big leap my man, about as big as the leap between quality journalism and the drivel you are churning out on this subject.
A few moments later, I heard a reporter ask if Owens could "categorically deny" that he was depressed. In case you're not a journalist, when you "deny" something, you leave room for doubt.

But when you "categorically deny" something, you may go the rest of your life without being questioned.

The implication being that even though Owens "categorically denied" he was depressed and that led to an attempt on his own life, maybe we should still question it. Basically, what you're saying here is that no matter what Owens says, I don't believe it. You've exposed yourself now. We see your true feelings on the subject, your agenda was already set, and you have no room for revision of your opinion as more facts become available. Besides, it's much more fun to continue to paint Owens as an unstable, pill-popping lunatic who tried to kill himself rather than a guy who tried to do everything he could to get healthy for a football game and ended up getting sick. To use your words - "In case you're not a journalist" - we call that a hit piece with an agenda, and we usually term that tabloid journalism.

And I categorically deny that anything else is the truth when it comes to Matt Mosley and Terrell Owens.

Let's wrap this up.

With emotion in her voice, Etheredge said, "Listen, when I see a man of this statue [sic] not responsive ... this is a very strong human being, and when I ask him a question and he's not responding, and I know he's not feeling well, I use my judgment to call 911."

Honestly, it's hard to find a responsive statue these days.

I don't know about that, Drew Bledsoe answers questions all the time. I find him very responsive.