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Parcells press conference 9/29/06

Everybody practiced. Injury status has not changed, game-time decisions.

Not sure about punt returns, depends on which receiver group goes to game.

I felt that Owens could do everything that we asked him to do in practice today. If I thought he was having mental errors or wasn't up to speed for the game, then I wouldn't play him. I have nothing mroe to say on that. I'd check with the trainers, but I'll make the decision.

I was using the doctors at the hospital as an example of people who I rely on for information. I am basically going by what I see performance-wise and what the medical people tell me.

I'll have time to sit down with him (Owens) and talk before the game.

We'll see about Watkins, but he needs to tackle more safely. It doesn't make any difference what his reason was (the injury), he needs to be safer for his own sake.

You're asking me if a player is extremely problematic is it worth it? At some point it may not be, but I am not talking about any specific player, I'm not talking about Terrell Owens. I have taken on players who had a reputation a certain way, and I found it to be the exact opposite once I got him. Sometimes they turn out to be a good teammate, a team leader, a reliable player.

Some of the best players I've had, like Keith Byars or Bryan Cox, those are guys I wish I had my whole career. They were just good pro football players. You could count on them as long as you were straight with them, just tell them what you wanted.

I feel like we could utilize this time off the past week to get things done. I'm not even giving my coaches time off this afternoon, they don't know it yet, but they have something to do this afternoon.

I have to go by the people I'm hearing talk, and I have to assume that things (with Owens) occurred the way they have been reported now. I won't give my public opinion on that because I'm not really qualified. I think I'll be taking Owens on the trip to Tennessee.