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Nick Eatman and Todd Archer have posted dueling versions of a roster break-down. Eatman's can be seen here and is pretty solid. Archer's article is here and doesn't differ that much from Eatman's analysis.

Of course, waiving Rob Petitti caused a stir and led some Cowboys fans to momentary hysteria. As I wrote yesterday, it's not that big of a surprise, he was the 5th best tackle on a team with 5 tackles, so keeping him would've been a surprise. What did surprise me is that we couldn't even get a late-round pick for him, which is a good indicator of what other teams thought of his skill level and potential upside. Anyway, here's Petitti on his release:

Petitti was praised for his off-season conditioning work, but he lost his right tackle job to Marc Colombo and saw rookie Pat McQuistan catch Parcells' eye. The Cowboys chose to keep veteran Jason Fabini, who received a $1.6 million signing bonus in the off-season, over Petitti.

"I'm mad, but I guess it's the business," Petitti said. "I played a lot better in training camp than I did last year, but that's his decision. Hopefully I get picked up soon."

So who will make the practice squad? Todd Archer takes a guess from the pool of our own cuts.
The likely candidates for the practice squad are: Green, QB Matt Baker, OL D'Anthony Batiste, DE Stephen Bowen, LB Junior Glymph, RB Keylon Kincade, C Matt Tarullo and NT Montavious Stanley.

The NFL changed a rule this season and will allow a player to spend three years on the practice squad. That could help Kincade, who spent parts of the last two seasons on it.

Agree with all except Tarullo, the guy is never going to help us on the 53-man roster, but I guess it's playing it safe having another center on the team. I know some of you guys have players that you like who were cut from other teams, put your list in the comments.

Brad Sham, as related by Jim Reeves in the DFW S-T, is throwing around the "d" word concerning our defense.

"Doomsday III."

I can feel the shudder rippling through the halls of Valley Ranch even as I invoke the name. It's that sacred...or heretical, depending on which way you're looking at it.

But that's what some people who have watched this Cowboys defense coming together over the last couple of seasons are whispering.

"I'm thinking Doomsday III," Sham said Friday, the morning after the Cowboys' 10-10 overtime tie with Minnesota in (thank heavens) their final preseason game of the year.

Too early to say, but the defense has all the makings of being a special unit. By the end of the year, maybe Doomsday III will be appropriate. Or maybe it's time to leave the Doomsday moniker in the past and come up with a new name for this defense. We could swipe the James Gang from LSU in honor of Bradie James, but let's come up with something original. Anybody got a suggestion?

Jen Floyd Engel took a break from her busy "I hate T.O." schedule to write about Julius Jones, his slow preseason and the two-back system, here.