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Random notes

The new DC Fanatic radio broadcast for this week is up and I open the show. I've set it up to auto-play when you click this link, once it buffers you should start hearing the broadcast, so adjust your sound/speakers accordingly. This week I talk about the roster, JJ vs. MB3, the young receivers, plus a lot more.

Since the last BTB Fantasy Football League got messed up, BTB reader altercall has set up a new league. If we get enough guys signed up for a league, I'll blog the results here each week, and we can set up a space on the sides to keep the standings. You know you want to be famous and win the BTB fantasy league, so go here and sign-up. The league is BTB Cage Match and the password is Grizz. But times running out so you need to sign-up tonight!

Looks like we won't be seeing who's on the practice squad tonight, so go read this Mickey Spags article instead.