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Jason Witten is going home

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Jason Witten is going home to play in front of family and friends, and he's doing it as a new dad. Should be a pretty emotional time for our all-star TE.

Witten comes back to his home state as a new father and will have a large contingent of family and friends in attendance. His son, Christopher Jason, was born Tuesday. The Elizabethton, Tenn., native said he bought 15-16 tickets for family members but expects many more to attend the game. It will be the first time Witten, in his fourth year, has played in Tennessee since college.

Sure would be a nice story if Witten went off and had a huge game at home. But the Titans know he's coming:
"Jason Witten is an excellent tight end, the kind anybody would like to have. He's an excellent blocker, does an excellent job in the run game, and he's very versatile. He reminds me -- and I mean this as the ultimate compliment -- of Frank Wycheck," Titans linebacker coach Dave McGinnis said.

Terrell Owens says all systems are go for Sunday, it's just a matter of Parcells letting him play. I'm 99% sure that we'll see #81 catching passes during the game.