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College football open thread - (GT Edition)

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I'm a happy camper. My Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets walked into Blacksburg, took Virginia Tech out behind the wood shed, and put a proper beat-down on them. #24 GT goes to 4-1 on the season after beating the #11 VT Hokies 38-27. The man, Calvin Johnson, chipped in with 115 yards and 2 TD's (one a 53-yard TD) and the GT defense smothered the Hokies. Only two cosmetic TD's in the 4th quarter by VT made the score so close. Woo hoo!

Now I need a double-header weekend with the Boys whooping the Titans.

Vince Young is starting tomorrow, in case you missed the previous post.

Who did you guys watch today? What about the Ohio State game tonight? This is an open thread for college or NFL football talk.