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Parcells press conference 9/4/06

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Update [2006-9-4 15:48:32 by Grizz]: They replayed the press conference with clearer sound, so I've added some things.

Really bad audio today on the press conference, but I tried my best to get the following, which I hope is accurate.

Vanderjagt, I don't know exactly where he is, he'll kick this week and we'll see. I didn't want to keep 2 kickers and that caused a domino effect. I'm not worried aboiut his leg strength. He needs to get his confidence back, he kicked 50 balls yesterday. I don't know the player very well, so it's hard for me to suggest anything.

Rector, Hurd and Austin caused the release of Copper and Skyler. Copper did everything I ever asked of him, but he was just going to be a backup.

I stand up in front of the team at the first meeting every year, and tell them something that I learned from Coach Landry and Knox. No matter who you are, no matter how long you've been in the league, at some point you need to show me something during training camp.

On the Rob Petitti cut. If I had problems at RT, I thought Fabini could play it better than Petitti. And with McQ's development that hurt Petitti, because I thought McQ would be the first guy off the bench to replace Flozell. I also have an experienced RT (Fabini) who has also played LT in this league.

Asked about progress stoppers, Fabini vs. Petitti. I felt that Colombo and McQ were just playing better than Petitti. Plus I wanted someone with experience at RT (Fabini).

Marc Colombo will start on Sunday, don't know about Keith Davis vs. Pat Watkins at FS.

Flozell practiced well, Bradie James didn't practice, got a helmet to the groin, he's a little uncomfortable. Fowler is his primary replacement.

Owens is upping his workload, he got 19 plays Thursday, had a lengthy practice today, 54 snaps on each side of the ball today and he got a third of those. He looked OK.

Pat Watkins is faster and has more range but not as experienced as Keith Davis. I think it will be by committee.

I had no idea that Hurd, Rector and Austin would come on so strong. I was told by a couple of GM's if I exposed them (Hurd, Austin) they would've been taken.

Austin looks like a decent special teams guy. Austin is behind behind Hurd because of the level of football he played at college, compared to Hurd. He was too heavy last year and didn't have the experience. He's raw but has talent, size and speed and he's pretty smart.

Elam made 6 or 7 plays in the 3rd qtr. of the Minny game. He's green and will make mistakes, but he has good potential. Hoyte would've never gotten through waivers. He made 6 to 8 tackles on special teams. 10 guys called me over the last few weeks said you have an inside linebacker that you like.

Carpenter is making an adjustment to playing inside. It's not a quick thing.

Jamaica will probably start as punt returner. We'll also use Aaron Glenn if we need to on kickoff returns. If I needed just a fair catch on a punt return I would put Crayton in there. (Laughter)

I don't see us dressing four tackles.

You can't have two of those in the game (talking about Andre Gurode and the bad snaps), that's the concentration thing. If he does that again he'll be back to watching.

McQ ability-wise is better than any young linemen that we've had here. That doesn't always translate to the field. But he's big, smart, good balance, if he ever gets it he will play there a long time. He might be among the top 5 players on the line but I didn't move him, with his inexpereince that wouldn't be good. My experience with rookies is to leave them where they are. Also, if I moved him on the line I would've liked it, (indicating he wants him to be a LT). This Hurd kid came in and learned 3 different positions, that's part of why he made the team.

I know Rector is playing Sunday. I'll have to see where Crayton is, I wasn't thrilled with what I saw Thursday, so we'll see. I can't dress 6 WR's and I might not dress 5.

Rector was our top producer in the preseason, made some tough catches. He listened to me last year and took it to heart. Now I've given him more things to do, I told him this morning.

Play-calling will be by committe with Tony Sparano handling the structure and Todd Haley, also Chris Palmer, are very involved in the passing game. Haley calls the actual play in to Bledsoe. Parcells will stick his nose in when he wants.

Chris Palmer, David Lee, Paul Pasqualoni and Mike McIntyre will be up in the booth.

Crayton will probably be the 3rd string QB.