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I dive into the deep-end once again to figure out what Parcells actually said at the press conference.

First, a couple of notes, Marc Colombo is the starter at RT and the FS battle between Keith Davis and Pat Watkins has yet to be decided, but Parcells thinks it will be by committee. Bradie James is nicked up and didn't practice, if he couldn't play Ryan Fowler would be the replacement. Flozell Adams practiced today.

  1. On cutting Rob Petitti - Parcells thought that Jason Fabini could play the RT spot better than Petitti. So that left swing tackle or backup LT. McQ was better than Petitti and was going to be the first backup off the bench at LT. Parcells also knows that Fabini could play LT if needed, so he can be the swing tackle on gameday. Hence, no spot for Petitti on the roster.
  2. On McQ: Parcells loves this kid. Said he was the best - ability-wise - young offensive linemen they've had in Dalls during Parcells' time here. He might be amongst the 5 best o-line players that we have, but is just inexperienced. He didn't move him somewhere else because he's good enough to be a full-time LT in the future. When asked about replacing Flozell with McQ, Parcells said something to the extent of, "no, that's not something we're thinking right now." Watch out Flozell, McQ is coming.
  3. Jamiaca Rector - The kid is pushing Patrick Crayton for the #3 spot at WR. He's going to be active on Sunday and will probably return punts. While Parcells was down on Crayton from his performance on Thursday, he went to great lengths to praise Rector.
  4. Keeping the kids - Sam Hurd, Miles Austin and Oliver Hoyte would've all been grabbed by other teams if he had exposed them on Sautrday. Had to keep them on the 53-man roster to keep them, other GM's confirmed this to him. He knew he was keeping Rector and McQ, and he praised the ability of Abram Elam.
  5. Play-calling - Although he wouldn't say it, it sounds like Tony Sparano will call the plays with a lot of input, especially in the passing game, from Todd Haley and Chris Palmer. Haley will be the guy who actually verbally tells the plays to Bledsoe.
  6. 3rd-string QB - If Crayton is active on Sunday he would be the emergency QB. Parcells has his eye on bringing in a specific player to develop at QB, and they are going to try and get that done. He wouldn't name the player and it sounded like he would go on the practice squad, anyway.