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Cowboys to wear blue jerseys against Jags

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ESPN is reporting that Jacksonville will force the Cowboys to wear their dreaded blue jerseys for their opening game Sunday verus the Jags.

 Del Rio said Monday he will make the Dallas Cowboys wear their blue home jerseys on the road Sunday, hoping the dark shirts will cause more sweat for players unaccustomed to dealing with the sweltering Florida sun.

"I just like Dallas' dark jerseys," Del Rio said sarcastically. "I like those white helmets they wear with those dark jerseys. I think they're pretty classy. We'll let them wear them here."

Del Rio is a former Cowboy and also knows that traditionally the Cowboys don't play well in their dark jerseys. I think that is the reason the Redskins and Eagles often force us to play in those blue jerseys because they know there is bad karma associated with us wearing them. I for one don't like it as the Cowboys always play better in their white jerseys. Then again I did grow up in  the 70's when this superstition was first created, so maybe these new generation Cowboys know nothing about it. Let's hope so.