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Is Jamaica Rector on his way?

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Yesterday in Parcells' press conference, he spoke glowingly about Jamaica Rector. Part of the discussion was the way the kid had taken to heart the things Parcells had told him, and then Parcells compared him to a former NFL WR. Here's the player of comparison:

Parcells said Rector reminds him of Gary Clark, a former Washington Redskins receiver. Like Clark, Rector has good hands and quickness.

Whether Rector is as successful as Clark, a four-time Pro Bowl pick, remains to be seen.

"He hasn't done anything really yet," Parcells said of Rector, "but I think he has shown you he is capable of doing something."

OK people, don't freak-out because Parcells used a Deadskin player as a reference, just be happy that Rector is progressing so quickly.

From the same article, a timely question about our backup NT situation.

Dallas is in the market for a veteran to back up nose tackle Jason Ferguson. Have you heard any rumors about who that might be?

The Cowboys signed J'Vonne Parker off waivers from Cleveland on Monday. To make room, they released backup nose tackle Thomas Johnson. Parker has great size (6-4, 323 pounds) but lacks experience, having played in only four games as a rookie last season. If Parker isn't ready for the opener, Parcells likely will use defensive end/nickel tackle Jay Ratliff as Ferguson's backup. For the 3-4 defense to be most effective, a dominant nose tackle is needed (see Pittsburgh's Casey Hampton). Unfortunately for the Cowboys, they're still lacking one.

Terry, where are you? I know you love some Casey Hampton.

While I'm at it, I'll make it a twofer for BTB regular and part-time blogger Terry, who is the driver of the Romo bandwagon. From Peter King:

Most people would simply laugh at the comparison between Brady and Romo, but not me. Not that I think Romo will turn into Brady, but it's possible he can morph into a very good NFL starter ... a guy capable of leading the Cowboys farther than Bledsoe. He does more things. He's more mobile, in particular, and that will be vital to the Dallas offense this year because of the line's shakiness.

Rick Gosselin gives you the ONE stat that makes a Super Bowl champion.

To win an NFL championship, you must limit the points you allow. The last 22 Super Bowl champions have all ranked in the top 10 in scoring defense. There have been no exceptions. Fourteen of those 22 champions ranked in the top three in scoring defense.

You have to go back to 1983 to find an NFL champion that finished outside of the top 10 in scoring defense - the Los Angeles Raiders, who finished 13th. Since then, 37 of the 44 teams that reached the Super Bowl have ranked in the top 10 in scoring defense.

There you go, the Cowboys must be in the top 10 of scoring defense to make the Super Bowl. If my limited brain power can remember, I might check this stat as the season progresses.