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Offensive line gone to the dogs

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Flozell Adams is a dog. Hey, I didn't say it, Bill Parcells did.

The head coach said he was "like a Saint Bernard."

By doggie definition, a Saint Bernard is a big, lovable canine with the reputation as a rescuer. If left tackle Flozell Adams is like a Saint Bernard, that means he's a dog, not a flattering description for a football player.

If Flozell Adams is like a Saint Bernard, he can also rescue many of the problems that nearly sank the Cowboys' offensive line last year.

I admit that it's definitely stretching an analogy. But the article is really about the offensive line and the questions each starter faces this year. Still, I couldn't resist the imagery of Flozell as a Saint Bernard.

Gary Myers has a long article about the NFC East and its resurgence this year as the top division. Yes, we are once again called the NFC Beast. Myers does a good job of weaving stories and anecdotes about the contemporary with the historical. It's a good read, I recommend you guys checking it out.

For the contemporary:

Bill Parcells won the Super Bowl in his fourth year with the Giants and made it there in his fourth year with the Patriots. He didn't stick around to coach the Jets four years. If history is a guide, this could be a Super Bowl year for Parcells, now in his fourth year in Dallas. This is clearly the best Cowboys team he's had.

Parcells has restructured the Cowboys defense to fit the parameters he prefers. He's playing a 3-4 with big linebackers, tough cover corners and a hard-hitting safety. If he prevents Owens from sabotaging his team and squeezes a good year out of retread Drew Bledsoe, who helped Parcells get to the Super Bowl in New England 10 years ago, then the `Boys could be headed back to the Big Game for the first time since 1995.

For the historical:
Everybody seemed to hate the Cowboys. Giants defensive end George Martin could shake hands with the Redskins and Eagles after the game. But never, ever, with the Cowboys.

"As much as you would like to respect they were an innovative team and were perennial champions, it was always about their disrespectful swagger, disdain for our fans, their absolute atrocious arrogance," Martin said. "I always said there was such a thing as being a sore loser. They were the only team ever categorized as atrocious winners."

Atrocious winners. I'm not sure if that's an insult or a compliment.