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James returns to practice; Johnson back on PS

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Update [2006-9-6 15:11:38 by Grizz]: Turns out Thomas Johnson is not going to be on the PS, the Texans signed him to their 53-man roster, Damarius Bilbo (WR) gets the call on the PS.

From the DMN blog:

Linebacker Bradie James was at practice. He did not work Monday after taking a helmet to the groin in the preseason finale vs. Minnesota. In fact, there was no stationary bike out at practice. We'll update the injury report later.

There was a practice squad move with nose tackle Thomas Johnson re-signed and running back Keylon Kincade (SMU product) let go. Johnson was cut off the active roster in favor of Parker on Monday.

There have been a few number changes by Cowboys players recently. Anthony Fasano went from #47 to #80, Oliver Hoyte ditched #46 in favor of #53, and Jay Ratliff switched to #90 from #66. New NT J'vonne Parker is wearing #60.