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Parcells press conference 9/6/06

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Thomas Johnson is going to the active roster at Houston. Damarius Bilbo will replace him on the practice squad. Skyler Green will be working at RB some.

Bradie James, Flozell Adams and Mike Vanderjagt are all listed as questionable. All practiced today.

Andre Gurode had mental mistakes on Monday and against Minnesota last week, but I'm hoping to resolve it this week. We need him this week against the big DT's at Jax. Some times the game would move too fast for Andre in the past, but he's gotten past that. He's just making minor errors now, something the layman might not recognize.

Strength of Jax defense is the middle, it's hard to move them.

We might dress 7 OL, 11 of our 16 opponents dressed only 7 OL last year. Belicheck has only dressed 8 OL 3 times in 5 years. But you've got to have versatile linemen.

No decision on Keith Davis and Pat Watkins. I'm worried about him (Watkins) getting stage fright the first time out there. That's why we played him so much in the preseason.

Terrell Owens is doing pretty good, I've been talking to him about how he feels. He hasn't had any problems since he returned to practice. He's accelerating his progress. I hope he can be a full weapon on Sunday, stamina is a big thing. It's going to be difficult on the players because of the weather.

Julius is going to start at RB and we'll see if we can get him some holes. We can do a better job running the ball, but it wasn't a disaster in preseason.

Bledsoe is competitive, tough, he's taken a physical beating and he's still standing. When I first got him he had bed-hair, dirty t-shirts, all he needed was a peanut butter sandwich and a foot dragged over the couch and he would be like my teeenage daughters. He's matured now, he's grown up, he has his own kids now.

All the vets Bledsoe, Aaron Glenn, Ferguson they all want it more, now.

I tried to draft (Jax WR) Ernest Wilford, our scouts will tell you what I think of him. We did a lot of work on Matt Jones, Reggie Williams I don't know. This Owens (Chad Owens) kid from Hawaii, we have to watch him on special teams, I'm also worried about Maurice Drew in the kicking game.