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Cowboys most important players

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Todd Archer of DMN ranks the Cowboys in terms of their importance to the team.
At the top of the list is Flozell Adams for obvious reasons as when he was lost for the season last year so was the Cowboys' hopes of making a playoff run. Here is Archer's list of the Cowboys most important players.

  1. Flozell Adams
  2. Jason Ferguson
  3. Drew Bledsoe
  4. Terence Newman
  5. DeMarcus Ware
  6. Terry Glenn
  7. T.O.
  8. Roy Williams
  9. Jason Witten
  10. Mike Vanderjagt
While I agree that the above players are very important, I would replace Bledsoe with Ellis as I don't think either Singleton, Burnett or Carpenter could play the postion as well as Ellis will this year. I believe Greg will continue to improve at SOLB and have a great season. On the other hand, if Bledsoe goes down, I truly believe Romo could step in and play just as well and the team wouldn't miss him, just like the 2001 Pats didn't miss him when Brady took over that season. This isn't a knock on Bledsoe or his ability, it's that as many of you know, I really think Romo is the real deal.

Rick Gosselin lists his top 50 players in the NFL and only T.O. and Roy Williams make the list. Again, no Jason Witten which is just flat out wrong. Witten is clearly one of the top three TE's in the league and an argument can be made he's the best. Next season hopefully guys like Witten, Ware, Canty and Newman get some love as I expect them all to have big years.