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Parcells press conference 9/7/06

No squad moves, everybody practiced today.

Crayton just needs to keep playing, if he misses reps he doesn't play well. I haven't designated Crayton as the 3rd receiver. Just depends on the plays and who goes to the game.

Vandy has been kicking regularly. I probably can't take two kickers to the game, so we'll see what happens.

Roy is better on coverage this year, made good plays against San Fran. It's less than perfect but he's got a better feel. Not as reliant on other people getting lined up as he was before.

Leftwich is a good thrower, has a unique throwing motion. He's seeing the field better as he's gotten older. He's capable of making every throw, I wouldn't say that about every starting NFL QB, and he can throw the ball deep well.

A coach never feels comfortable about starting rookies, but sometimes you do and if Watkins starts we hope he'll be OK.

Used Roy more in the box last year, we got a good feel of how to do that. We've got coverages that allow him to play low. We've got 4 or 5 coverages we play consistently on 1st and 2nd downs.

Offense sometimes forces you to interchange the safeties, because of quick motions and other formation stuff. So the SS becomes the FS, and vice versa. If you don't you'll run your SS to death.

Davis didn't play as much special teams last year when he started. If Watkins starts, Davis will play more special teams. But Watkins is good on special temas, too.

Jax WR Matt Jones is coming along, he's got deep speed, he's a long-strider, so we'll have to watch him. Leftwich can throw the deep ball.

The Jags are a team that spreads on offense quite a bit. We are hopeful we have some things to deal with it. I think I'm going to have spell Greg Ellis some in the game. He's a starter and he's on the nickel, so he would have to play the whole game. So we'll dress enough people to give him a break.

J'vonne Parker, 6' 4" 323 lbs. or a little above that, I'm looking for size in the middle. We've been watching him, we had our eye on him all summer. He knows the system and can play right away, but I've got to get him in better shape. He struggled yesterday, but did better today.

Watkins has more range than Davis, he's faster.

Jax's WRs scare me especially in the redzone, also concerned about the inside with their DT's.

Kosier has quickness and is a tough competitor, good technical pass protector. Andre was better today, I've been rooting for him for 3 years. I think he's making progress. I'm on him harder than anybody else. Need him to concentrate, be a team leader, call audibles, don't make bad snaps. He can stop drives all by himself. I'm giving him 100% attention. I'm trying to keep him from getting distracted.

Lousaka ia an interchangeable part with some of the TE's, palys on several special teams, 15-20 plays on offense and 15 on special teams is the plan.

Fasano is tough, but he's a rookie, not much different than Watkins. All these kids are green, Carpenter, Watkins, Fasano. Hatcher has the least from the mental standpoint, that why his performance has been good, but he's having trouble keeping his weight up. Was over 290 now he's in the 280's.

Fasano is pretty good at blocking, he tries hard, but he's not technically perfect.

Burnett's going to relieve Ware, Hatcher will relieve Ware on the nickel, Singleton relieves Ellis, Spears may relieve Ellis on the nickel.

Burnett looks good but is having trouble keeping his weight up, Julius is the same way. When they run and get in shape their body just goes to a certain weight.

Our game plan this Sunday will have probably have 25 less plays in it than at any time last year. We want to do fewer things better this year. More formational, less plays.

I'm not too worried about the heat. Shreveport and Dallas are pretty hot, 99 degrees. We've been it it a little bit.

We've run the flea-flicker every year I've been here for a TD. So appearantly I like it.

Tyson Thompson will be on kickoff returns and I will spot him some on Sunday. I'm much more confident this year in him, but it's still less than perfect. I know he can run, it's the other things, like blocking the right guy.

Hoyte, Davis, other young kids, are good coverage guys on special teams. We should be pretty good there. A little concerned about punt return. Should be good in kickoff return. I am concerned about the FG situation.

I don't know Vandy well enough to be offering advice, we know he didn't "get through" on the kicks at Minn., but he needs a vehicle to fix that. He's a veteran, I'm hoping he finds the answer and fixes it.